Officially... 1 year!

Well, first of all, I want to tell you that in Ward Council on Sunday, we watched a training video from Elder Eyring and he was talking about his parents and he said, "They saw the potential in me that I did not," and my mind went straight to you! Thank you for always believing in me, never giving up on me, always encouraging me, and always supporting me. You are the absolute best mother in the whole entire world and I love you so much! I miss you and cannot wait to hang out and be best friends forever. 

Monday: Pday, the whole zone was invited to the Zone Leaders house to play volleyball, pingpong, watch 17 Miracles, or just hang out. We went for a little bit and just wrote letters and talked and things. Afterward, we came home and took a nap! It was soo nice! 
That evening, we went to Noelia's house for Family Home Evening. I love that woman with my whole heart!! She is so so wonderful and she is such a great new member of the church! She actually just got a calling in the Relief Society to organize the events. She is so excited :) Well anyway, we did a little Family Home Evening with Noelia, her mother-in-law Nancy (who Sister Summerhays and I had been teaching before we taught Noelia), and Noelia's two girls. At the end of the lesson, right before we left, Noelia said to Nancy, "Nancy, do you want to share your news with the girls?" Silence. "Well, do you want me to share it?" Nancy said yes, and so Noelia told us, "Nancy wants to be baptized!" ...Miracleeee!! We set up a follow-up appointment to begin teaching her and preparing her to be baptized! 
That night, we didn't have any other appointments scheduled so we were trying to think of where to go. I suggested that we say a prayer, and Sister Kiser said, "Oh yeah, I didn't even think about that!" So we stopped in a parking lot and prayed and right after, Sister Kiser suggested we go to this member's house who has an inactive son. So we stopped by and the son, who is never home or is always sleeping, answered the door! The father and son came outside and brought chairs and we had a lesson on the doorstep (We can't go inside homes without another woman). Well, the lesson went so so well! The son opened up and shared all of these stories with us. He was saying, "Should I tell them about [so & so] time, Dad?" and the dad would say, "That's pretty personal, but if you want to share it, you can," and the boy would. Inspiration.

Tuesday: Day of service. In the morning, we did a million dishes for this member who runs a catering business. She recently had shoulder surgery and couldn't do the dishes from a wedding reception, so we went over and put on some Mom-aprons and washed dishes. Sister Kiser and I had a fun time talking and doing dishes. 
Mom-aprons & service
Afterward, we asked this really great Young Woman, Allie, if she would come do service with us. We went to this lady's house, who is pregnant and can't do too much, and she asked us if we would clean her floors. It was kind of crazy, but we cleaned her daughter's bedroom and vacuumed a few rooms in the house. It was overwhelming because there was still so much to do, but we agreed to come over every week and help her out. After service, we had dinner at Allie's house.

Wednesday: I was feeling so so sick! The elders came over to give me a blessing and I slept for an hour or so. We had a lesson scheduled in the afternoon with this wonderful less-active woman who we have helped come back to church. She showed us some of her artwork and she is fantastic.
We had a lesson with Nancy and committed her to baptism! We are going to Temple Square with her and Noelia this week! I am so excited!
That night, we went to Sister Bennett's house, the Young Women's president. She is so amazing. Her daughter just went off to college, and left a TON of clothes at home, so Sister Bennett said we could look through them. Free shopping! Sister Kiser and I got so many new clothes and accessories. It is REALLY nice to have new items in my wardrobe. I didn't think I'd get so sick of my clothes after just a year, but I guess I am more of a diva than I like to admit. Well that night, Sister Kiser and I had a little fashion show! So fun.

ONE YEAR, August 22!
My ONE YEAR MARK! Woo hoo! We had lunch as a Zone. President and Sister Eberhardt came. We had a really good district meeting; all of the district leaders were switched around to do a training and we had a Tongan elder who gave us a lot of good ideas to help our personal and companion study. I was asked to give a little talk about companion study. I really want to make time to do scripture study when I get home and don't have an entire 2 hours dedicated to studies! 
Sister Kiser and I, weekly planning
During weekly planning, Sister Kiser and I made a goal to ask for referrals from EVERYYONE, and Thursday night, we got 7 referrals from members! 

Friday: We had an entire day full of appointments almost every hour! It was sooo nice. I love not having to worry about where to go or what to do. We knew exactly where we needed to be, and in the in between moments, we visited referrals. We did service in the morning for the woman pregnant with triplets. 
That evening, we had a lesson with Noelia and we taught the Plan of Salvation. We talked about Temples and Baptisms for the Dead. She really wants to go to the temple!! It's so wonderful! She lit up and she could really understand the significance of serving and sharing the blessings that she has seen from baptism! She is so excited.

Saturday: Sister Kiser and I spent our lunch hour making tons of little Thank You cards for members and leaders.
Making cards

I absolutely love crafting :) And this is the best stake!!! There are so many helpful people that we made almost 40 cards!
In the afternoon, we delivered a few cards to our bishops and ward mission leaders, along with copies of our progress record.
In the evening, we had a Stake Fair! The entire stake and all of the people (nonmembers, members, lessactives, everyone!) was invited. It would have been more successful had it not rained that day, but it had a pretty good turn out. There were games, tables of food, jumping houses, a live band, a dunking booth, and (my favorite) cotton candy! We talked to a lot of people and got to see Noelia, her daughter Amelie, and Nancy. It was pretty chilly near the end. Amelie was shivering so I rubbed her arms really fast, and I said, "Your skin is so soft, Amelie!" A few minutes later, Noelia said something about how Amelie didn't have a sweater on and so she was getting cold and Amelie said, "I'm not cold, I'm soft!" Noelia and I were laughing so hard! I love their family!!

Sunday: There was a stake priesthood meeting with the mission presidency. Sister Kiser and I didn't think that we would be involved because we aren't men and we don't have the priesthood, but at 7:45, a little after the meeting had started the Zone Leaders texted us and said, "Are you coming?" We called them and said, "We didn't know we were invited!" We rushed over and they asked us to sit on the stand. It was a really good meeting. I absolutely love love love the stake president, President Hicken!! He is so missionary minded. He emphasized that he will not let up the pressure because he made a covenant with God to provide us with 20 lessons a week!! Wow. He said that his son is on a mission and he is praying that the members will find work and provide a good experience for his son. He said, "I know that there are Brothers and Sisters Kiser and Wall praying for the exact same thing for these sisters." Ahhh. I love valiant leaders. 
In the 9th ward, the Relief Society President's son came home from his mission. He gave his homecoming talk and then they had a party in the pavillion next to the church, which we were invited to. 
Sister Kiser and I were asked to speak in the 7th ward sacrament. We talked about Faith and Prayer and I based my talk on Elder Holland's talk, Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence. You need to read it!! It's absolutely amazing. He says, "This opposition turns up almost any place something good has happened... With any major decision there are cautions and considerations to make, but once there has been illumination, beware the temptation to retreat from a good thing. If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now."
I shared my experience about the time right before my mission when I went on a walk with you, Mom. I remember feeling torn about leaving college when things were going so well. You gave me such great and wonderful advice that I could return to those things when I got home. I had already made my decision to serve a mission, and you would not let me retreat from a good thing. Thank you!!!! I am so so glad that I made this decision and had tons of help in making this decision!

Sunday night, I felt like we needed to drive by the park. We saw Evgeniy (my Russian-speaking bestfriend) there and so we stopped. When we got out of our car, we saw Elder Pokrovskii and Elder Hartman getting out of their car! Elder Pokrovskii asked if I had seen Evgeniy lately and I told him that he was at the park, that we had sent them a message to tell them, and that was why we were there! They hadn't even known he was at the park but had decided to stop by. Sister Kiser and I had made copies of a couple of pages out of a Russian-to-English phrase book from a member. We showed Evgeniy and he pointed to the phrase, "Did you miss me?" I was so so so excited and said, "Da! Da!" ahaha. I love that man!!!!!!
Well, it was an absolute dream come true! to be able to communicate with Evgeniy! Not through the pages of phrases, but through Elder Pokrovskii who translated. We had a little conversation and a lesson about Faith. I told Evgeniy that I knew it wasn't coincidence that we had met at the park that very first time, and that God had sent us to him. He said that he knew that was true. I told him that it was an answer to prayer every time we found him at the park, including this very night and this very lesson. He said that he had a feeling he would meet us at the park this night as well! Ahh, what miracles the Lord has provided me.

Wellll.... I love you with all my heart! You are so wonderful! I miss you! Mwahh!

...6 months to go!

This Thursday will be my ONE YEAR mark! Sometimes I feel 80-years-old and overwhelmed by the amount of things that I have learned, and other times I feel like a toddler who knows absolutely nothing about anything. I am so so so so happy to be on a mission! I am so excited for Shane to go! When does he leave? It is the best decision ever. I am a better version of myself (still completely imperfect, but better). I love feeling guided and directed by the Spirit in every way, and I never want that to leave! I am striving to make the last 6 months of my mission worth something. I love the Savior, I have strengthened my testimony, I can confidently say that I am bold, and I am so grateful for the experiences that have helped me trust the Lord. 

We taught a Spanish speaking woman how to pray in English. There was a lot of typing words into a Translator on her phone, but overall it was successful. Sister Kiser remembers some Spanish from highschool and was able to communicate a few simple words. 
I made Noelia a book for her baptism. It's very simple but I think it's cute. (Thank you for your artistic and creative ideas, mama!) 
Noelia's baptism book

Rita's.. Lookin' like a mess
We got FREE italian ice from Rita's, mmmm.
And we had Family Home Evening with Noelia and her family. Her husband came!! It was so so good. We played Gospel Memory and everyone participated... Even Lorraine, the baby, who gathered all of the matching sets and put them in her mouth. Noelia used her new set of scriptures (a quad, with the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants). She was so grateful to the ward for getting them for her after baptism.

Sister Kiser went on exchanges with Sister Zeiner while I went to a training meeting with the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and other missionaries training new missionaries. I sat with some sisters who have served in Park City, Sisters Marlow and Pacheco. There's just something special about Visitors' Center sisters!
Sister Summerhays and I before the Training meeting
Sister Kiser and I came together after the meeting and had a lesson with Janie, and then had dinner with the Daniel family.
That night, Casey and Dylan made the final decision to be baptized on Saturday!!

We did a service project with a few other zones in our mission. Sister Kiser and I rode to the service project with some other sisters, including Sister Zeiner, remember her??! (Side note: She is in my zone and we get to see each other often!) The service project was doing some cleaning and tidying up at a new hospital in Salt Lake. They are opening it up as a hospital for homeless people to come and get help. Sister Summerhays was there!!! We hugged and talked and served and laughed. (Ahhhh, I miss her! I cannot wait to be missionaries with her outside of our mission!)
That night, we had a lesson with our 26-year-old investigator who has been struggling. The ward mission leader and a ward missionary came with us. They gave him a priesthood blessing at the end. It was sort of a weird lesson because the WML and ward missionary took over, but it was nice to hear their testimonies.

We had meetings and things. Some elders played the ukulele. Nothing too exciting.
We had a really good lesson with Noelia, our recent convert. She is SUCH a good missionary! I love her so so much!! She told us that she talked to her non-member sister and said to her, "You know, you should be baptized!" She told us about all of the people she's been talking about the gospel to-- her family, her friends, her co-workers. She told us she just wants to share the happiness! She continues to tell us about how vividly she remembers the feeling of being baptized. It's so amazing. I love her.
We had lessons with Casey and Dylan every day this week to prepare them for baptism. They listened and asked questions and grew so much!
We got a text from our other investigator, the 26-year-old, cancelling our appointment because he was going to a concert. It was so weird though, because our appointment with him wasn't until Friday. We texted him back to tell him but didn't get a response...(To be Cnt'd)

Friday: Casey and Dylan's baptismal interviews were supposed to be in the morning, but they rescheduled. She got a new job and was leaving town on Sunday for a training in Philadelphia, and so she had so many things to do to get ready for her trip and also her baptism. 
Sister Kiser and I felt a little rough after the morning and so we went to Zuppas for lunch. Sometimes it's nice to just eat out at your favorite place and talk. 
That afternoon, we did service for a woman who is pregnant with THREE babies! There are triplets in her belly.... How wild. We just cleaned and tidied up around the house because it's difficult for her to move, let alone to clean.
That night, Casey and Dylan had their interviews and were cleared for baptism.
So, I don't know what day to insert this information into, but our 26-yr-old investigator went missing. He hasn't called/texted us or his grandmother, who is living with. He hasn't been home or anything. It's so bizarre and we are so so sad. We've talked with one of his friends, who went to the concert with him, and wouldn't tell us any information, but basically said that he is safe. We talked to his grandmother and she is worried sick and we are trying to be positive, but it's in our heads that he has slipped back into some of the mistakes that he was making before. Ahhhhh. I am so sad because he had SUCH a light about him. He was growing and learning and soaking it all in, and Satan knew that. Satan is so stinkin' evil.

Casey & Dylan's baptism. Casey was so nervous and Satan had really been working with her.. As soon as we started though, she felt the Spirit. And when they were finally baptized, she said that she felt angels with her. She said that she had built it up too much in her head and that it was a really good experience. She said that she and Dylan were so so happy! They were confirmed right after the baptism because Casey was leaving town on Sunday.
With Sis Kiser, Casey and Dylan and Brother Brown
They had a family friend do the baptism and confirmation.
That night, we went to the 8th ward's pizza party. It was in a member's home and they had a Dutch oven. It was a really good event! Sister Kiser and I felt like we were speed dating the whole night, because we sat at a table and the members would rotate and take turns talking to us! 

We attended many ward council meetings. We went into the Primary and talked about prayer. I read part of a letter that Grandma Brocious sent me about how she had a prayer answered. Her letter says that after her third child was born, she said a prayer, asking for help to raise her children. She tells that about 3 weeks later the "girl missionaries" knocked on her door, and shortly after, she was baptized. Ahhh, I just love that story. I think that the little children liked it, too :) I want to know so much more about the experience! Please tell Grandma to write me more! 
That evening, we saw Evgeniy at the park and learned some new Russian words. We also learned that "Huh?" is a universal word. 
After our dinner appointment, we walked outside towards our car, and saw a few deer and bucks just crossin' the street. I've never seen deer with antlers in real life before! They were so big!

Overall, a gongshow and enjoyable week. I am continually learning patience and humility. I am continually learning that there are few exceptions to rules. I love the scriptures, I love Preach My Gospel. My companion thinks that I am strict and probably a little controlling, but I have such a strong desire to be exactly obedient. I have 6 months left. I have 6 months to use the Lord's time wisely. I don't want to waste a second.

I love the Book of Mormon story about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and I've been reading and re-reading it all week. There is no such thing as laying down just one weapon of rebellion and becoming converted. There is also no such thing as laying down all weapons and keeping just one. Every weapon is a gateway to another. We cannot "make any preparations for war." We cannot day-dream about our weapons or make excuses for why we might need them. I want to think like these people, that "perhaps is we should stain or swords again they can no more be washed bright" (Alma 23-24). I am here. I am on the Lord's errand. I am continually recalculating. Always repenting. Laying down my weapons of war, giving my all to the Lord. 

I love you and miss you so much!
All my love,
Sister Wall

Working through the details..

What a wonderful week!!
Starting with... 
Tuesday: Sister Kiser and I are getting along really well, but (unless it's Sister Summerhays and Sister Wall), new companionships can take some getting used to. I had been feeling like Sister Kiser and I had two separate goals when we went into lessons; it seemed like my goal was to teach and her goal was to visit. So finally on Tuesday, after not expressing ourselves, we had an "emergency" Companionship Inventory of sorts... It was so so good for our companionship because we just completely expressed ourselves and what we were feeling and thinking about each other's teaching. She had been feeling like I didn't care about our investigators because I wasn't talking or asking questions about surface interests. I helped her understand where I was coming from and that I knew all of our investigators and it was my goal to help them come closer to Christ; and the only way to actually HELP them was by teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really good because Sister Kiser was so humble and so patient and said that she could actually understand what my goal was now. 
All during the day on Tuesday, another set of sisters was borrowing our car, and so we walked. It was so stinkin' hot! But it was a lot of fun. 
We found a Batman mask, attempted to speak Spanish, and were invited inside for some water and cookies by an elderly couple. It was a pretty gongshow day, but it felt like Missionary Life.

Angels that gave us water & cookies when we were without a car for the day!

Giant Sunflowers!!
Wednesday: Our mission president's wife, Sister Eberhardt, asked if she could come to a lesson with us. We had a few lessons scheduled for the park and so she came with. We taught a Less-Active member, who has a lot of internal issues and was crying any time we asked her a question. Sister Eberhardt did so good. Sister Kiser and I were at a loss for words, but Sis. Eberhardt just made her feel comfortable and we stumbled through it alright.
That afternoon, we went with Janie, our recent convert, to the Family History Center at the church. There were a few Family History Consultants there, so we let them help her, but it didn't seem very successful. I wanted to give the women a chance to fulfill their calling, so even though it wasn't very effective, we sat back and watched. Sister Kiser and I had to run to another lesson, but I want to help her again. I am surprised by how much I have learned about Family History! I realized how effective the Family Tree was in training me. 
That night, Noelia had her baptismal interview! She did so so so good!! I absolutely love her stinkin' guts.

Our district went to Panda Express for lunch and a stranger paid for us! It was so nice. Sister Kiser and I had some extra blank cards in our car so we all wrote him a thank you note and gave it to him before he left. I just love people!!
After lunch, we got frozen yogurt and then split off for weekly planning.
Sister Kiser and I realized that in our companionship, I have the extreme level of Bold, and she has the extreme level of Love. So we just have to come closer to the medium of Bold & Love! 
We ate dinner with the Smiths, who have a candy shop!!! (Mmmmm!) He makes the BEST chocolate in the world, so we got to sample a bunch of different kinds.
We had a lesson with our investigator, his Less-Active friend, and a man from the ward who is a convert of about 20 years. It was so effective!
We also saw Evgeniy at the park and I gave him a copy of the picture of him, Sister Summerhays, and I. He is so great!

Sister Kiser and I printed pictures from for a lesson we had planned with an 8-year-old son of one of our investigators. They are both planning on being baptized on Saturday! Hopefully we can get all of the lessons taught before then!!
We also contacted this non-member we've been hearing about for weeks! His wife is a less-active member and he has been to church before. We couldn't contact them before because there is a giant gate around their house and it's always locked. (Inside joke about the District DVDs-- "Nigelli--Hiiii"). Anyway, we got to speak with him and he gave us his wife's phone number to set a follow-up appointment! Miracle Miracle!
We watched Finding Faith in Christ with Noelia that night.

We unexpectedly contacted every single person we went to visit!! None of the people we visited were on our planners for the day, but I really felt inspired to work within the 3rd ward. It was so perfect! We met a lot of people that we've been hearing about but never had the chance to meet!
Brother Shapiro, Sister Kiser, Sister Wall, Noelia, & Sister Summerhays

That evening, I got to see my best friend, Sister Summerhays!!! It was soo good to see her. She came to see Noelia's BAPTISM!! Yayayay.
The Gautney family
I am so excited for Noelia. Her baptism was absolutely perfect. The Spirit was so strong. She looked beautiful. Her husband came as well!! She was embarrassed to wear her white jumpsuit and barefeet because she said that she hadn't had a "pedicure".. We told her she was allowed to wear her highheels, so she did. haha. I love herrr!! After the baptism, everyone brought different kinds of cheesecakes, because it is Noelia's favorite!!  

Cheesecake reception

EVGENIY (my favorite Russian friend) came to our English-speaking ward, because it is closer to his house!!!! It was so good! Elder Pokrovski and his companion came as well, and Elder Pokrovski translated for Evgeniy. We got to sit by him and I kept looking at him and smiling really wide and he kept holding my hand. Ahhh, the sweetest man!!
Also, 3 of our less-actives came to church in the 3rd ward!!! Our ward mission leader texted us and gave us so much praise saying, "Look at how much good you are doing!" 
We taught a lesson in YW about families, which went really well.
We went to a Gospel Essentials class with our investigator who is hopefully getting baptized on Saturday.
And most importantly, Noelia received the gift of the Holy Ghost!!!!
We did so many things and so many wonderful things happened!! 

I am rushed for time, but life is good life is great life is so stinkin' wonderful!!!! The Gospel is TRUE!
I love you so so much! 

Working on humility...

Good afternoon! We are a bit late on emailing because we had a change of Pday plans.. This morning, we went to the Salt Lake Temple with our zone! We got to do an endowment session and it was wonderful wonderful. I LOVE that temple and all temples!
Our district at the Salt Lake Temple

There are truly angels preparing the hearts of the people in my area at this time!! I absolutely love being an instrument in the Lord's hands!! Sister Kiser is experiencing so many miracles at the beginning of her mission, that I am nervous for her next 18 months! Her expectations will be so high! But maybe that will help her keep a positive mindset! 

Sister Kiser bought a sacrament-sized Hymn book
Monday- Sister Kiser bought a giant hymn book from the Deseret Book (like the ones in the chapel), because it was cheaper than a mini one and she is carrying it around in her bag, looking like she robbed the church. haha.
Our new living quarters!
Also, we switched houses. The Norths, who we had been living with, are moving to Escondido, CA (I told them to say "Hi" to Adam!) So now we are living with the Walkers. Sister Walker is the Relief Society Stake President. That night, we taught a lesson with an active family who has a Less-Active daughter. Afterwards, the LA's sister, about 18 years old, asked if she could walk with us to our car. She told us that she is considering going on a mission. I told her she needs to come out and teach with us, and she was so excited! 

Tuesday- We had a training meeting for new missionaries and their trainers. Nothing too unique. We had dinner with the Passeys (the high councilman over missionary work) & his 4-year-old daughter kept saying, "You're a cereal killer" to everybody. She is SO stinkin' cute. That night, we had a lesson with one of our investigators. He is progressing SOOO much. Ahh. I just love him. We taught the commandments that are usually hard for people to grasp, I.E. Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Tithing. He jokingly said that he was hoping we would wait a while before we taught those lessons, but in actuality, he understood each of them. He said that it just made sense to him and he wants to live all of God's commandments! Ahhhh. I love the elect.

Wednesday- We had companion study with our district leader, Elder Ring, and his companion, Elder Hogge. Later that day, Sister Kiser and I were in the car and all of the sudden, I had the thought that we should have a lesson with 2 of our investigators together. Sister Kiser absolutely loved the idea and we knew that it was direct revelation! 
Another amazingly revelatory experience happened almost immediately after... I haven't seen our Russian friend for a while. Elder Pokrovskii said that Evgyni's family is very against the church and when they found out he was going to be baptized, they wouldn't let him leave the house! Well, every time we drive by the park, I look for him, but I hadn't seen him in a week or so. Wednesday afternoon, we had absolutely no appointments and had no idea what to do. I had the thought to go to the park and look for Evgyni. I didn't tell Sister Kiser my thought, but I drove around the park, hoping to see him. When he wasn't there, I left the parking lot and kept driving and was kind of sad because I thought that I had been following a prompting. As we drove down the street, I saw Evgyni walking with his daughter and grandchildren!! Ahhhhhh, I was SO full of gratitude to Heavenly Father. I explained to Sister Kiser what had happened and so we stopped the car and got out to follow them to the park! I could tell that he was excited to see me, but his daughter was very quiet and would not talk to us, so we couldn't interact with Evgyni like I would have liked. It was fine though because just seeing him made my day complete! And before we left, he blew me a kiss behind his daughter's back! 
Other things, we got a text message from a Less-Active who is trying to come back to church and he gave us permission to "hound him" and make him come! Yay!
Also, we watched the John Tanner story on DVD with our investigator. Have you seen it? It's really good!

Thursday- we had zone meeting and talked about developing Christlike attributes. We got a list of different ones and were told to choose which we wanted to work on. After pondering and praying about it, I came to a very fine conclusion that I need to develop Humility. I am so prideful! And not in the sense that I think I am the best, or that I like to boast, but prideful with leaders mostly! I am defiant! I try not to be a brat, but it just happens sometimes. I respect my leaders, but I am the first to admit that I trust my own revelation over theirs. So... what happened after we chose our attribute was that we met with our district leader, who then told us which attribute he thought that we needed to develop. (I don't know how to make this story any shorter than it is or any less confusing, because it even confused me!) Well, Elder Ring told me that he thought I needed to work on "Kindness" and I immediately felt defiant! He told me to pray about it and after praying about it, I said to him, "The reason that I KNOW I need to work on Humility is because if I choose kindness, I will be practicing Humility." the end, we decided that I could use some more humility.
That night, we had our combined lesson with 2 of our investigators. It went so so well, because the 26-year-old guy is progressing far more quickly than the 30-year-old woman. When she saw that he was so willing to accept the gospel, she began to let down her guard and just listen to what we had to say. Soo gooddd!!
Also, Thursday, I think that Ellie Konzel got married! 

Service for the Walkers

Pulling weeds!
Friday- we did service for the Walkers, weeding their garden.. That night, we had dinner with the Greenwalls (the ward mission leader). I LOVE THEM! They are this wonderful elderly couple.  Sister Greenwall is so precious. They are so funny. Brother Greenwall said something like, "Dear, could you pass me the salt?" And I said, "Oh, did you mean me?" and he said, "No, I was speaking to Sister Greenwall" and Sister Greenwall said, "She isn't a deer with 4 legs. She's just a dear with 2 legs." hahah.
Friday night, we texted our investigator and told him that we had no one to teach on Saturday and said, "Who do you know?!" Immediately, he set us up a lesson with his Less-Active friend. He is so good!!

Does this email seem long? It was a long week!

Saturday- Sister Kiser and I started our 40-day-challenge. This is my second time on my mission. In the afternoon, we made cookies with a sister from the ward and dropped them off at the house of the woman who she visit teaches. She said that the last time she talked about the gospel, the woman wouldn't talk to her for months! So, we left cookies and the visiting teaching message ("anonymously") on her doorstep.

Sunday- We had a giant Plan of Salvation lesson with two of our investigators and the Amish man, who was a former investigator. Ahhhh. It went SO well! I think that it was nice for each of them to see other people learning about the church and measure themselves against each other's progress. We picked the Amish man back up as an investigator because he told us that he knows he will be baptized! He revealed to us that he is just nervous about splitting ties with his daughters who are still in the Amish community. Brother Greenwall shared a wonderful story about a Jewish convert who joined the Church and was proclaimed dead by her family, but she made the choice because she knew what was True!

Such a fulfilling and marvelous week! I love this area. It is so so amazing. Noelia's baptism is this Saturday and she is so so ready and excited!! I absolutely LOVE her and her family. We have the BEST investigators in the entire world, who I love with all of my heart! Life is so good. 


Can you believe it's almost been ONE YEAR?