Working through the details..

What a wonderful week!!
Starting with... 
Tuesday: Sister Kiser and I are getting along really well, but (unless it's Sister Summerhays and Sister Wall), new companionships can take some getting used to. I had been feeling like Sister Kiser and I had two separate goals when we went into lessons; it seemed like my goal was to teach and her goal was to visit. So finally on Tuesday, after not expressing ourselves, we had an "emergency" Companionship Inventory of sorts... It was so so good for our companionship because we just completely expressed ourselves and what we were feeling and thinking about each other's teaching. She had been feeling like I didn't care about our investigators because I wasn't talking or asking questions about surface interests. I helped her understand where I was coming from and that I knew all of our investigators and it was my goal to help them come closer to Christ; and the only way to actually HELP them was by teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really good because Sister Kiser was so humble and so patient and said that she could actually understand what my goal was now. 
All during the day on Tuesday, another set of sisters was borrowing our car, and so we walked. It was so stinkin' hot! But it was a lot of fun. 
We found a Batman mask, attempted to speak Spanish, and were invited inside for some water and cookies by an elderly couple. It was a pretty gongshow day, but it felt like Missionary Life.

Angels that gave us water & cookies when we were without a car for the day!

Giant Sunflowers!!
Wednesday: Our mission president's wife, Sister Eberhardt, asked if she could come to a lesson with us. We had a few lessons scheduled for the park and so she came with. We taught a Less-Active member, who has a lot of internal issues and was crying any time we asked her a question. Sister Eberhardt did so good. Sister Kiser and I were at a loss for words, but Sis. Eberhardt just made her feel comfortable and we stumbled through it alright.
That afternoon, we went with Janie, our recent convert, to the Family History Center at the church. There were a few Family History Consultants there, so we let them help her, but it didn't seem very successful. I wanted to give the women a chance to fulfill their calling, so even though it wasn't very effective, we sat back and watched. Sister Kiser and I had to run to another lesson, but I want to help her again. I am surprised by how much I have learned about Family History! I realized how effective the Family Tree was in training me. 
That night, Noelia had her baptismal interview! She did so so so good!! I absolutely love her stinkin' guts.

Our district went to Panda Express for lunch and a stranger paid for us! It was so nice. Sister Kiser and I had some extra blank cards in our car so we all wrote him a thank you note and gave it to him before he left. I just love people!!
After lunch, we got frozen yogurt and then split off for weekly planning.
Sister Kiser and I realized that in our companionship, I have the extreme level of Bold, and she has the extreme level of Love. So we just have to come closer to the medium of Bold & Love! 
We ate dinner with the Smiths, who have a candy shop!!! (Mmmmm!) He makes the BEST chocolate in the world, so we got to sample a bunch of different kinds.
We had a lesson with our investigator, his Less-Active friend, and a man from the ward who is a convert of about 20 years. It was so effective!
We also saw Evgeniy at the park and I gave him a copy of the picture of him, Sister Summerhays, and I. He is so great!

Sister Kiser and I printed pictures from for a lesson we had planned with an 8-year-old son of one of our investigators. They are both planning on being baptized on Saturday! Hopefully we can get all of the lessons taught before then!!
We also contacted this non-member we've been hearing about for weeks! His wife is a less-active member and he has been to church before. We couldn't contact them before because there is a giant gate around their house and it's always locked. (Inside joke about the District DVDs-- "Nigelli--Hiiii"). Anyway, we got to speak with him and he gave us his wife's phone number to set a follow-up appointment! Miracle Miracle!
We watched Finding Faith in Christ with Noelia that night.

We unexpectedly contacted every single person we went to visit!! None of the people we visited were on our planners for the day, but I really felt inspired to work within the 3rd ward. It was so perfect! We met a lot of people that we've been hearing about but never had the chance to meet!
Brother Shapiro, Sister Kiser, Sister Wall, Noelia, & Sister Summerhays

That evening, I got to see my best friend, Sister Summerhays!!! It was soo good to see her. She came to see Noelia's BAPTISM!! Yayayay.
The Gautney family
I am so excited for Noelia. Her baptism was absolutely perfect. The Spirit was so strong. She looked beautiful. Her husband came as well!! She was embarrassed to wear her white jumpsuit and barefeet because she said that she hadn't had a "pedicure".. We told her she was allowed to wear her highheels, so she did. haha. I love herrr!! After the baptism, everyone brought different kinds of cheesecakes, because it is Noelia's favorite!!  

Cheesecake reception

EVGENIY (my favorite Russian friend) came to our English-speaking ward, because it is closer to his house!!!! It was so good! Elder Pokrovski and his companion came as well, and Elder Pokrovski translated for Evgeniy. We got to sit by him and I kept looking at him and smiling really wide and he kept holding my hand. Ahhh, the sweetest man!!
Also, 3 of our less-actives came to church in the 3rd ward!!! Our ward mission leader texted us and gave us so much praise saying, "Look at how much good you are doing!" 
We taught a lesson in YW about families, which went really well.
We went to a Gospel Essentials class with our investigator who is hopefully getting baptized on Saturday.
And most importantly, Noelia received the gift of the Holy Ghost!!!!
We did so many things and so many wonderful things happened!! 

I am rushed for time, but life is good life is great life is so stinkin' wonderful!!!! The Gospel is TRUE!
I love you so so much! 

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  1. Hi Ariel. I love your blogs. I have been writing to you but I found out last time that after I publish my comment, they have additional things that I must do. I hope you got my last comment. I love you so much. You are doing a super job of working for the Lord. I am proud of you. Love. Ruby