MTC Final 2 Weeks

Sept 10
We had some really good lessons with "investigators" this week. A couple of them were our last lessons with those individuals, so it was pretty sad. At TRC, we had a real non-member. You're not supposed to know if they're church members acting or if they are real, but my companion and I both left and were like, MARY WAS A REAL NON-MEMBER. It wasn't just one thing that let us know, we could both just really feel it. She said that her neighbors had told her to come and speak with the missionaries at the MTC and so she had been before. We talked to her about so so many things.. basically everything! Joseph Smith, Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Baptism, Book of Mormon. She was so interested and asked a lot of questions and everything tied together perfectly. It went really really well. She had a Book of Mormon at home from her neighbors and said she was interested in reading it and I gave her a card with mine and my companion's names. It was such a good experience.

Sept 14
So my companion and I get a second P-day this week because we will not get one next week! I will just have to write you letters and you will have to type them out into a blog entry, I suppose.
So this will be hard to explain, but Sister Zeiner and I are for sure working at the Family History Center in Park City, Utah. We went to temple square with our new teacher, Sister Evans, the other day.
Visitor Center teacher, Sister Evans, Sister Zeiner, and I at Temple Square
She is completely perfect in every single way. We had a lot of fun and went on a tour with the sisters there. We will be going back on Saturday and doing companion splits. I will give a tour with an experienced sister there. Some of the things that we will be doing on our missions are: Proselyting, online chat (we practiced it on, it's SOOO weird to be online and chatting), referral center, and family history work. There are so many different areas that it has been overwhelming, but today I am feeling fine about it. We have talked a lot about the Spirit of Elijah and how we will be getting assistance from those who are on the other side of the veil. I think that's what I am most excited for. I LOVE to feel the Spirit; it is my favorite thing in the whole entire world. I cannot wait to form relationships and receive help from divine beings.

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