Riverton, Utah!

September 24, 2012
I didn't bring the connecter for my camera, so I can't send pictures today, but I will send some in the mail and send some digital copies next week. Sorry I haven't written-- I didn't get a P-day last week!! I have P-day every Monday and get this.. I can only RECEIVE AND SEND mail on Mondays!! Wild. I suppose it is meant to help me focus, but it distracts me sometimes! I want to know what is going on back home, especially with Ellie!! How is that going?
I have been on my mission for ONE MONTH and 2 days total! Weird, huh?
As you can tell, I am in the mission field! I left the MTC last Wednesday morning at 6 am. My MTC companion, Sister Zeiner, went to the Park City Visitor Center. They couldn't send us both there, so I am in Riverton, Utah. My new companion, Sister Abarca, guesses that we will only be together for 6 weeks and then they will send me to the Visitors Center. So right now, I am full proselyting. Let me tell you about my new companion!!! I LOVE SISTER ABARCA! She is my training sister and she is absolutely wonderful wonderful wonderful. I am convinced that I have the best trainer in the mission field. I am very grateful to have such a great example of Christ as my companion! She is seriously so bold and loving in her teaching. She talks to EVERYBODY. The first day that I was here, we were on our way to visit a member and a man & his wife were outside and she just went right up to him and started chatting with him about the gospel. They told us that they were Catholic and not interested but she was just like, We are here to tell you about the true and living gospel of Christ! She makes sure that everybody has the opportunity to learn about the Church. It is so great. I have so much to learn from her!
We are living in the basement of the Lovells. It is basically an apartment; we have a kitchen and bathroom and our own private living space.
My first few days here, we were supposed to be on bikes but since I didn't have one, we were walking. We would get rides from members so we could travel to different neighborhoods. But then day 2 that I was here, we got a car!! Hardly any of the missionaries here have cars, so it's really cool. I feel so blessed.
We have been reading the BOM, too! Tomorrow we will start reading 1 Nephi, Chapter 12. We are right on track.
So even though I have an hour to email, half of the time is spent emailing the president and I don't get that much time to write you! Oh no! But I will definitely write the rest in a letter. One cool experience...
On Friday, Sister Abarca and I visited a very less-active member. He was outside working on his porch when we walked by. We said hi and talked to him a little bit and then he told us why he hasn't been coming to church. This encounter has been on my mind every day since. He was very upset about the evilness of the world. He told us that he had been on a mission when he was younger and saw the double-lives that the missionaries lead. He talked about how he thought God made a mistake when he made humans because there are so many flaws in the world. Doctrine and Covenants 45:26 screamed in my head. I testified that men's hearts will fail them. I felt the Spirit so strongly and felt true charity for this man. I understand that he is scared and that the world is not perfect, but I explained to him that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ ARE PERFECT. The Godhead is absolutely perfect. I have been praying for this man, because I truly want him to understand that all that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement.
Pres and Sis Miller
President Miller is great. I haven't gotten to talk to him much except for an interview on my first day, but he let me know that he could be like my father while I was here on the mission. It was really comforting and great.
Sheri Dew

Oh! In the MTC, I got to hug Sheri Dew! She spoke at a Relief Society meeting and was completely brilliant. Afterwards, people could meet her and I got to hug her and tell her that she is a great example and she said to me, "No--YOU are a great example!" haha. Love her.   

I attended a baptism already! I wasn't technically the one who taught him, but Sister Abarca and her last companion taught him and so his baptism was still for our area. His name is Cirilo and his baptism was on Saturday. It was cool. We have another baptism next weekend for 3 children, the Christiansens. They are so sweet and I am really excited for them. They were also taught by Sister Abarca and her last companion.
We didn't go to "church" on Sunday, but we got to go to the chapel and watch the new Temple Dedication. It was amazing. We sang The Spirit of God at the end and I felt the Spirit a lot. I've never been to a temple dedication before and I really enjoyed it.
I love you so much and I miss you! I am having a wonderful time out here and I love every single second of my mission. MWAH!
Love, Sister Wall

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