I love member missionaries!

Happy Veteran's Day!
It has been an eventful, long, forgetful week! I lost 2 of my nametags, but I found one of them! Woo hoo! Here are some things that happened this week:

Monday: Brother Smith gave us a ton of chocolate from his shop. And some journals and stationary and things! I love the Smiths!
I got Shane's email from the MTC! I am so excited for him! 
Sister Talbert needed winter boots, so we went to Sugarhouse with a member and her daughter-in-law. They were so sweet. We found Talbert some boots and then ate at Zuppas! We saw Sister Mahterian and her companion there, so we sat and ate with them. We went to this adorable local store in Holladay called "Paisley Pomegranate"... I wanted everything and I want to have a shop of my own like it some day! There were so many handmade things, very vintage and cute. Everything was a thousand dollars though, so we just window shopped. 
We had our first New Member Lesson with Tshering and her family. She is so wonderful. Her mom is a member of about 4 years. She still has so many questions though, so we basically spent the entire time talking to her about the Priesthood and answering her questions. Tshering has such great faith. She asks questions, but is receptive to the answers. She has such a strong spirit!

Tuesday: Gongshow day! 
We went out with this 18-year-old, Madeline. She's so cool! She's really positive and funny, which made the day completely brilliant. She did missionary work with us all day long! I absolutely loved it. Afterwards, we went back to her house to drop her off & our dinner appt came to pick us up. The only problem was that it was just the guy who came. (We can't ride with just Sister Talbert and myself and a man.. we need another sister in the car). So Maddie ended up just coming with us to dinner, too!
That night, Sister Evans came to our house and brought ALL of these winter things! She said that they were from an ANONYMOUS member of the ward. She had sworn that she wouldn't tell us! So we got these really nice Calvin Klein winter coats. They are so light and warm and wonderful. We each got new winter boots (kind of like Uggs). We got socks and sweaters, as well. So so so blessed!
New boots!
New coats (& wearing my Park City tag because my others were lost!)
Wednesday: We did service for our investigator. Her husband is a recent convert. They are so wonderful. While we were our raking her yard and getting rid of the leaves, the neighbor was standing on his roof, blowing leaves off. I made a comment like, "You'd better not blow those over here!" We laughed and started talking. He's like 22 and not a member of the church. The RC husband came out and invited the neighbor to meet with us and learn more! I LOVE MEMBER MISSIONARIES! The neighbor said yes and gave us his phone number! Yayay!
That night, we had an appointment, so a ward missionary was coming with us. The appointment fell through and we asked the ward missionary to take us somewhere that we could have a lesson. She was so scared at first, but we said a prayer and encouraged her. We met a lot of people and had a really successful evening! 

Thursday: We went to visit a LessActive who wasn't home and the Spirit guided us to tract. We hardly ever knock doors, but I felt like we needed to. So we went across the street and knocked on a door. No one home. Knocked another door. This really sweet lady answered and let us in. She is a less-active member who is floating between her parent's ward, the ward she lives in, and a single adult ward. She got divorced a few years ago and is pretty lost. She was so beautiful and really friendly. She started to cry as we spoke with her, saying it was a miracle that we came at that time. She usually works a lot, but was taking the day off to just relax around the house. I love the Spirit!
We met this man cutting down a stump in a yard. He's a LessActive as well. He talked to us for a minute and told us that we are some of the best missionaries he's ever met. He went on and on about how wonderful we are and said he wants to go back to church! We  kept walking but a few hours later, we were on the same street again. We said Hi and he called us over. He said, "I've had this tune in my head ever since you left!" I asked what it was and he said he didn't know, but he could hum it. He hummed it and I sang, "Hail to the prophet, ascended to heaven, traitors and tyrants, now fight him in va-ai-ai-ain." haha. I loved it!! 
Sister Talbert and I met up with this woman who lives in a Care Center for elderly people. She's kind of wild, but says she might have a friend for us to teach. We will probably go back and do service some time soon.

Friday: AHHHH! My favorite day. After zone meeting and weekly planning, the Assistants to the President (AP's) took us to downtown Salt Lake to do "Extreme Street Contacting". The companionships all went on exchanges, so I was with Sister Giguiere. She's this amazing sister who has been out for about 9 months. "Extreme Street Contacting" is where you just go talk to every single person. You are given a bag full of things like the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, Mormon.org cards, pass-along cards, referral cards, DVDs, etc. You try to give away as many things as possible and invite every non-member to be baptized. At the end, you tally up the points from invitations made and things given away. Sister Guiguiere and I invited SEVEN people to be baptized!! It was such an amazing experience. 
We saw this guy in a white shirt and tie who said he had just come from his niece's wedding at the temple. We assumed that he was a member and asked him who he knew in California (where he was from), that we could send missionaries to. He said he didn't know anyone. I said, "Can we give you a challenge?" He said, "Umm, sure," and I gave him a Mormon.org card and said, "Will you give this out to a non-member before you go home?" He said, hesitantly, "Yeah." And suddenly, I thought to ask him.."Are you a member of the Church?" He said "..No"...!!!..hahahahha. We talked to him a bit more and he had to leave. But I just love that I challenged a non-member to give away a Mormon.org card and he said yes!
We had a wonderful lesson with our investigator whose leaves we raked. The bishop came and it was super great. 

Saturday: The weather was 65 degrees! It has been so nice and beautiful outside! Sister Talbert and I rode our bikes up this giant hill and almost died. We might have decided to retire our bikes in Holladay. These hills are mountains! 
I found out that Sister Giguiere and I won the Extreme Street Contacting competition! Yay! As a prize, our zone leaders bought us milkshakes! 
I texted our 15-year-old investigator, whose mom won't let her be baptized. I asked if she had time during the day for us to visit. It was kind of random, because we always have lessons on Monday nights, but I just thought we could get another visit in. When we showed up, her grandma told us that the girl had such a terrible day and the grandma almost said we couldn't come but the girl said, "Please grandma. I need them." Ahhh. Again.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Spirit. 

Sunday: Such a successful day!!! Ahh!! We got a ride to this LessActive family and they went to church for the first time in a long while. They have 2 little girls, and we arranged for them to be in the primary program! After sacrament, the mom said that the little girls disappeared to primary (They had been planning on leaving after sacrament). We invited the parents to come to Sunday School with us and they came!! 
Later, we arranged for another LessActive woman to meet us at church so that she could hear us speak in sacrament. She doesn't come to church because she has very bad depression, so she hasn't come in a long time. She showed up and was very anxious and nervous to sit alone, so we sat in the front row with her, rather than up on the stand. We each got up to speak when it was our turn, then sat back with her in the congregation. After sacrament, a member came up and started talking to her and invited her to Sunday School. She went! 
And THEN, we went to ANOTHER ward, and met with ANOTHER LessActive woman, who sat with us in Relief Society. We were so happy to hear that she even went to Sacrament! After years of inactivity, the women welcomed her with open arms!! 
That night, we asked a member to introduce us to a LessActive woman in her ward. She called the lady and we were allowed to go! She was making excuses for not coming to church and things. I was bold and loving with her. I can't remember what I said, but she responded, "Your mom must be so proud of you." hahah.

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