Holidays in Holladay!!

New planners! Staying together another transfer
HAPPY HOLLADAY! Happy Thanksgiving, from Holladay, Utah! It is official that I will be here for at least 6 more weeks, which means that I will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! I want to keep saying puns about Holladay and the holidays, but I think you get it.

There is so much to update you on! An eventful week and a half, in fact! Here we go...

November 18, Monday: Sister Talbert went to the doctor on exchanges with our mission president's wife, Sister Eberhardt. I went with Sister Giguire (who I did Extreme Street Contacting in SLC with) and her companion. We went shopping, and I bought some much needed winter tops. That evening, Sister Talbert and I ended Pday early and went to dinner with one of our Less-Actives, who has been coming to church the past couple of weeks. She is so sweet! She took us to Cafe Rio, and we sat and talked for almost 2 hours! 

19, Tuesday: Rainy day. Sister Talbert and I made a few GIANT thank-you cards for some very helpful members and delivered them. We were still on foot, so Sister Talbert protected the cards inside of her coat and had a very flat stomach. 
That night, the phone rang and on the other end, a voice said, "Hello Sister Wall, this is Moroni." I thought it might be an elder playing a prank (because I always say "I'm going to kill you like Moroni), but it was actually a man in the 2nd ward named Moroni! He told us how much he loved our talks in his ward and how they inspired him and his roommate to do missionary work! He told us about some potential investigators, and we were very excited to hear about them!

20, Wednesday: Our investigator tried to cancel our lesson and we asked what she was doing. She and her husband have a calling in the church to clean & set up chairs, so she said they would be doing that. I asked if we could help, she said No, and I said, "Too bad, we'll see you in a minute!" and we met them at the church. We helped set up chairs and then had a lesson by the baptismal font. She saying that she was expecting the bishop to walk in any minute and baptize her. 
Later, we had a lesson with a young boy who is a recent convert and the primary president came with us. The lesson was short and we had some time before dinner, so we asked her if she knew anyone that we could visit. She took us to a woman who she visit teaches and it went so well! The Primary President was so impressed with us and told us that she couldn't believe the woman let us share a spiritual thought! I love strengthening the faith of the members!
And after our dinner appointment, we did the same thing with the mother of the family we ate with. She seemed hesitant at first, and asked if she could go buy cookies first. haha. She said if she had something to give them that she would feel more comfortable! So we ran to the store with her very quickly and then made visits... They went so well!! We visited a few homes and got in & even scheduled a service for one of the women. Afterwards, the member was so happy & excited & couldn't wait to take us to more people that she knows! 

21, Thursday: Sister Talbert and I went on exchanges. She stayed in our area with Sister Mahterian and I went to the Monument Park stake with Sister Orellana. She took me to some appointments that went well. We visited one investigator who she said was pretty tough. They have been meeting with him, but he's stubborn, and I thought, Perfect! We visited with him on his doorstep and we had a really good conversation! We invited him to go to church and I really hope that he went! 
Afterwards, Sister Orellana took me to lunch at Subway and then we went to this adorable bakery, The Sweet Tooth Fairy! 
Exchanges & the Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery
We exchanged back and I went with Sister Talbert to Sister Diederich's house. We had a beautiful celebration for Eva, our investigator who had been smoke free for a whole week!
Eva! Non-smoker celebration!
We ate brownies, watched Mormon Messages, and I danced inside because I just love that woman!!

22, Friday: Getting frustrated with members who don't want to be missionaries. Repenting. Oops.

23, Saturday: We went to a Super Saturday activity with our landlady, Cecy!
Home-made hair bows!
Tshering was there and a lot of women who we love. Sister Talbert and I made headbands, and the wonderful Relief Society president bought them for us! And we got a phonecall from the Assistant to the President, saying, "We have a surprise for you... You're getting a car!" and I said, "Elder, if you're lying to me, I'm going to kill you," and he said, "No seriously, you're getting a car!" And i jumped up and down and hugged Sister Talbert and all of the women at Super Saturday were clapping for us! haha.
Celebrating our new Jeep Compass
Later, we went to a lesson with Eva and her husband, who is getting active in the church. The bishop talked to Charles and Charles is getting the priesthood to baptize Eva on Saturday!! Woohooo!! 
That night, we went to the adult session of Stake Conference. Elder Nash of the 70 and Elder Evans of the area 70 were there. It was so wonderful. They came up to us and said they had heard a lot of good things about us. The entire conference, no exaggeration, every speaker included very kind words about Sister Talbert and I! We are so loved in this stake! It's amazing! 

24, Sunday: Stake Conference. We sat with Bishop and Sister Jones and Eva & Charles. They had this amazing live symphony and choir! That night, Sister Talbert wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home with Cecy and I went out with one of our ward missionaries, Sister Evans. We found 2 new investigators!! Yayy!!

25, Monday: We got transfer information. We are staying! Half Pday, sorry I didn't write any emails! Sister Talbert and I got MUCH NEEDED haircuts. She got her hair cut in half! Mine was only cut about 2 inches.
Then, we went to Temple Square with Eva and Charles and the Ward mission leader and his wife, Brother and Sister Colemere.
          Eva & Charles
It was so so wonderful!! I love, absolutely love the Christus statue!
          Christus with Eva

Eva felt the Spirit very strong in that room. She said, "This is so nice. It feels weird!" haha.
Later, I got a package from home!! yayay! Included was a little mirror with the SLC temple on it, a Gratitude journal, a little flower, and JuJu coins!! My favooorite! I love my family!
That night, we visited this referral for a part-member family. The mother is a member, but the father, son, and daughter are not. When we went, the teenage boy answered the door and the dad and sister were at the table. We started to talk to them and the dad was super nice, but the kids didn't speak. The boy was kind of behind the door, but right beside the door was a picture, where I could see the reflection of the boy turned towards his dad. He was shaking his head no and saying No. I said to him, "I can totally SEE YOU in the reflection!" 

26, Tuesday: We got a call from a Wyoming number. Sister Talbert answered it and the voice asked for me. I got on the phone and heard, "Ramona!" ..It was my old district leader from Park City, Elder Simon! They are serving in Wyoming and need the Jeep more than we do, so we went to the mission office to switch vehicles with them. We got their Chevy Cruise, and they got our brand new Jeep! We switched all of our things but every time we left, we forgot something we left in the Jeep! We left and came back THREE times! haha. It was so ridiculous. But it was soo good to see a lot of my friends who were at the mission office being transferred. 
That evening, we went to this family of members. They called and asked us to help them with missionary work!! I LOVE THAT! The Spirit prompted me to extend a challenge that I never have before. I asked them to make 3 invitations of any kind: i.e. come to church, read BOM, meet with missionaries, etc. AND I asked them to make invitations until they heard 2 "No"s. The wife was so so excited and said it was the perfect challenge for her, because she would look forward to getting No's rather than scared of them. I love the Spirit!
That night, we went to our investigators, the two girls, and we painted Prayer Rocks with them so that they can remember to pray! 
                          Prayer rocks

And FINALLY, yesterday, 27, Wednesday: Eva had her baptismal interview!!! We took her to the stake center and let her see the baptismal font. It went really well. She passed with flying colors. I am so excited for her baptism on Saturday!!
Also, Sister Talbert and I made this adorable Gospel of Jesus Christ layout for our lesson. Sister Talbert made the Kindgom, and I made everything else.
                  Gospel of Jesus Christ

I am obsessed with crafting! We do it every time we get a chance! Cecy has an entire craft room that she lets us use, so I've been going crazy! Our visual aids are getting progressively more cute.

Well, that's my week and a half. I'm exhausted even just writing about it! This morning, Cecy made Sister Talbert and I some Mickey Mouse waffles and delicious smoothies!
                    Mickey waffle!
We are going to our Bishops house a little later, and then dinner with Cecy and some members in her ward. Love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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