Last transfer!!

On the bright side, I will never have to endure an endless night's sleep, agonizing over where I am getting transferred! I cannot believe that this is my last transfer call. The Zone Leaders called before our studies were even over. I answered the phone and said, "You're not allowed to play pranks on us.. Just tell us the truth about transfers!" So they told us the truth. Sister Talbert is leaving the area, and I am staying in Holladay for my last 6 weeks! I am very very very happy to be here! There is still so much work to do. I love these members. I love our investigators. Thank you thank you thank you, Heavenly Father! 
I am sad to see Sister Talbert go, but honestly, I think that she is ready to move on from her trainer. Spread her wings and fly, ya know? We get along really well, but she's antsy to practice the things she's learned. 

Some wonderful things happened and some sad things happened! We have these wonderful wonderful investigators that we are teaching! They are progressing so well! Everything on the investigator front is great. In fact, Mallory was BAPTIZED!!! However, this week, I had the flu! So sad! 

But some perfect things: We had a font side lesson with Julia and she cried! She is always so early to our lessons, so open and honest, so willing to go to church!  We are praying for a miracle! She came to Mallory's baptism and also to her confirmation. We've had several lessons with her and she's just so great! 

Mallory and Cory
She was baptized! Woo hoo! I was so so sick, but I just ignored it and went to her baptism! Our landlady, Cecy, ordered me to stay in, but I snuck out and it was so worth it. Mallory was beaming and hugging everyone and so happy! Unfortunately, I missed her confirmation and her testimony during Fast & Testimony meeting, so sad! Our mission president's wife told me to stay in, so I went to the Walker's (the beautiful family!) But, I heard wonderful things about Mallory's testimony! I am so proud of her! She told us in our last lesson with her that she wants to serve a mission! She has come such a long way! From the first time that we met with her and she wouldn't get off her laptop, to now.. Ahh! The Lord is just perfect.

Something really cool: Sister Talbert went to the doctor and found out that she has been experiencing migraines, so I was trying to find someone to come to our appointment with a Part-Member family. The bishop has been trying for weeks to set this up, so I couldn't cancel it. I was praying so hard to find someone to go on splits with me and I thought of this family we ate dinner with a few months ago. The daughter is about 19 and isn't very active, but gave us a ride home and told us to call her anytime. So I texted her and said, "Help!!" and she asked what we needed. I explained and she said she had something to do, but that she would try to get out of it. A few minutes later, she texted back saying she was all good to go! 
So we went, and talked about Trek the whole time because the non-member dad went with his 2 active-member daughters. The Spirit was so strong! At the end, I talked to him about his previous experiences with missionaries and he told me he is on a "hiatus" but that he is reading the Book of Mormon!!! I was SO happy! I showed how happy I was and I grabbed my Book of Mormon and testified of the truthfulness of it's words and promised him that if he would read and pray about it, he will get an answer! I cannot wait to follow-up and see how it's going!

Shorter email than usual. I hardly slept at all last night, so I am in that weird mood where I think that I have a lot of energy, but I am bound to crash any second.. Ahh! I love you so much! Missions are the BEST! The Lord is wonderful. I am so excited to work hard and see miracles this transfer!

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  1. You are a fantastic missionary. We are all proud of the work you are doing. I say a prayer for your success and your safety every day. I love you so much. I know that Heavenly Father is so pleased with your work. Love. Ruby