Merry Christmas!

Hopefully I can write about this all very quickly! I have spent the majority of my email time trying to send pictures! Maybe I will just write one great thing about each day. I doubt I can do that, but maybe. 

Monday- Many Pday things. Favorite: Giving treats to homeless people on corners. Oh, and Sister Talbert and I came up with a joke...The homeless person's pick-up line, "What's your sign?"

"The Pickle" game on Christmas Eve
Tuesday, Christmas eve!- Recent Convert, Eva's for Christmas movie. Pickle game at the Part-member family, the Coopers.
The Coopers 
Teaching 2 lessons in an hour and a half to Mallory, who is getting baptized THIS coming Saturday! Visiting the 1st Ward mission Leader, the Colemere's- treated like queens! Sister Diederich's- Christmas nativity.
Christmas pageant at the Diederich's!
Walker's- Video of the Savior and listening to the family perform Christmas music. The Anderson's, for dinner. 
The Andersons!
Wednesday, Christmas day!- Brunch at the Jones'.
Christmas at the Jones'!
Skyping the family from the Walker's home. Skyping my brother Matthew, my BFF. Visiting the CareCenter. Dinner in a mansion. Exchanging presents with Cecy, our landlady.
Many other amazing visits all over the stake!

Thursday- Writing an article for the 26th ward newsletter, about Mallory's baptism. Moving heavy things in Cecy's garage.
Elders moving Cecy's things
Going on visits with the amazing 2nd ward Relief Society president, Sister Root.

Friday- Slipping on ice, graciously falling on my bum. Reading the Book of Mormon with our 91-year-old friend. 
Our little 91-year-old friend
My FAVORITE thing about this day is that we found a FAMILY!! I have been praying praying praying for a family to teach and we found them. Miracle!! I love the Lord. 
That night, we went to the Anderson's, a less-active family we've been visiting. They had us over for Christmas eve, but forgot to feed us dessert, so Karilyn invited us over to eat pie and icecream. We weren't planning on teaching anything specific, but the Spirit prompted me to talk to them about being sealed in the temple. The Spirit was SO STRONG! They both seemed very very interested in getting married in the temple and being sealed as a family. Love it!

Saturday- Bingo at the Healthcare center. Cute old people! 
We met Fawn at the Care Center!
Sunday- Day of miraclessss!! Our family came to church! Also, our other new investigator came to church! She texted us before church and said, "I have a question for you. Can I wear earrings and perfume to church?" So cute!! At 9:47 am, she texted and said, "I am getting ready already!" and church didn't start until 1 pm!! Ahh! 
We met with her and then with the family later the day. We officially have 5 people on date for baptism!! Miracleess!!

All is well! Happy New Year! 

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  1. Ariel, You are a miracle worker. I love you more with every report. Happy 2014. Love. Ruby