An awesome week in Utah!

Sister Abarca rollerskating in a skirt on our first P-day! (sept 24)
Sister Lovell, our landlord, likes to give us organic remedies to our sickness. This is Sister Abarca and I right before we chugged glasses of barley water (YUCK!) We later learned that we were only supposed to take a sip every few hours.
 Thanks for the emails and letters. Thank you for the stamps! I will take em any time! haha. Thank you. They were much needed.
Also about the clothes, could you send tights? I didn't bring any and my legs are always cold!
My missionary bag doesn't hold all of my stuff but my companion lets me use one of her extra purses. My scriptures are just huge! haha.
My new black shoes are getting worn down from walking a lot already!! I keep switching between my 2 pairs of black shoes so they will probably get worn out at the same time.
We went to 6 hours of church yesturday! I bore my testimony in 2 sacrament meetings.
I have been eating so much out here! I literally gained 10 pounds in a month! haha. It's a good thing though. And I don't think you can tell.. haha. More than I've weighed in my life! We get dinners with members every night and they always have something for me, like they just have cheese lasagna for everyone or whatever. It's so nice! And people always send us home with desserts! They are soo so generous. We get cookies and leftovers a lot. I have been eating a lot of almonds and nuts and carrots and fruits so I hope I'm still healthy! Oh! And my companion and I made fried zucchini the other night! haha. And one house that we went to, they had 12 cartons of icecream to choose from! Crazy! I'll send a pic!
Did you watch the RS broadcast? It was so good! We got together all of the sisters in the zone to watch it. I saw my MTC companion!! I almost cried because I was so happy! I'll send some pics.
Yesterday was so so good! We had 2 different lessons with nonmembers. One woman grew up in a polygamist family but is married (just to one man!) now. He grew up as a member of the LDS church but has been inactive for a long time. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and I committed her to baptism on October 26!! Her husband said that he is willing to work to be worthy so that he can baptize his wife and his daughter on that date. Their daughter is 9 and wasn't there, but that would be 2 baptisms right there! So their whole family will be at the next lesson. It was really cool. I felt the Holy Ghost and I think that they did, too, and that they really have a desire to have that feeling in their home.
We also had a lesson with a guy, whose girlfriend is a member. they're in their 20s. We taught Plan of Salvation and I committed him to baptism, too!! He accepted! So wonderful! He is so ready. He was like YES! and he is going to General Conference with his girlfriends mom. So exciting. He also said he'd go on a tour of Salt Lake Temple Square with us! I am really happy.
Sister Abarca and I with the Christansen kids right before their baptism! (Sept. 29) The 5 of us sang "" before their confirmation.
We had 3 baptisms on Sunday for people that my companion and her last companion had started teaching. The Christiansens. 3 of the children. It was really cool; Sister Abarca (my companion) and I, got to stand on the side of the baptismal font as they were getting baptized!! The one little girl got baptized in Spanish because her uncle served his mission in a Spanish-speaking country. She is totally caucasian though. haha. It was still cool.

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