Park City's generosity!

I am so jealous of your HP pajama party!
I got different boots than Sister Jara. Mine are cuter! (As cute as winter boots can get!) They are from Bass and hers were from Columbia.
We do have a lot of snow. Sometimes our car gets "grounded" which means that we can't drive because it's too snowy on the roads.
Last Monday for Pday we went to eat at Cafe Rio (so good!) and a woman paid for our meals! She was so sweet. She said that she would pay if we would come talk to her and her daughter, who is preparing for a mission. 
Then I got my hair a real salon! A member cut it for free. It was nice. It felt so good to get rid of those split ends and straighten out my bangs. haha
Casey, Courtney and Sis Jara
Cortney and Casey surprised Sister Jara and I by picking us up at Walmart. They took me to get some new warm winter boots and then said they had a surprise for us! They took us to "Color Me Mine" which is a place with a bunch of white ceramics, like plates or objects in the shapes of dogs or whatever. You pick out whatever you want and you paint it and they put it in the kiln and you get it back in a couple of days. We had so much fun! and they paid! They are so great. 
I colored a Sunflower!
On Thursday, Jan 8, we had a farewell party. There are 3 Park City sisters going home at the end of this week!! Crazy! My companion, Sister Jara, and also Sisters Garibaldo and Penrod. There are so many changes around here! We are also getting a new Family Tree director. So a bunch of the past senior couples came up and we had a little reunion/farewell. I cried. I am going to miss Sister Jara so much! She is the best companion ever and all we ever do is laugh.
Last Friday, I got an email from a girl that came into the Family Tree a couple of weeks ago. She is a non-member from California. She said the sweetest things! She wrote about how she wants to surround herself with people like me and that she wants to come closer to God and get on the right path. Hopefully I can start teaching her through email. She said she wants to travel the world with me when I am done with my mission. haha. She's my kind of girl!!
On Saturday, Sister Jara woke up at 4 a.m. and said, "Sister Wall..." and miraculously, I woke up right away. She told me that she was scared because she had a really bad dream, so I sang her some songs. haha. That whole Saturday, we were outside tracting! We only stopped for lunch and for dinner! It was fuh-reeezing. We had a lot of success though so it was worth it!
On Sunday, we went to the Christensens for dinner and Family Home Evening. We spent an hour or so with Cortney and Casey and the family. When we had to leave, Sister Jara was so sad because they are one of our favorite families and she is sad to leave them.
It was a good week!

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