Another transfer, an old companion!

I was laughing so much about the Farrell basketball game. That is such a crazy school. I can't believe someone got arrested! Wild.

Sledding sounds so fun! Some of the elders have been sledding here, but the sisters don't have warm clothes and so they never wanted to go. I would have gone, but obviously we have to stay with our companions! haha. Glad you had fun with the YM/YW.

That's so exciting about the missionary couple coming to Slippery Rock. We work with a couple of different senior couples in the Tree and I absolutely love them! 

What would I like to tell the Slippery Rock Youth?? Hm... Go on a mission! John Bytheway said, "True Christlike service is seldom convenient!" There will always be excuses to put off or deny going on a mission. But it is so important to remember that for 18 months-2 years, you will serve the same God who gave you everything you have! 
I don't know how to have a quote, but something to the effect that you need to give up your own time to serve the Lord. 

Oh my goodness, FORCE Rachel McCarl to write me!!

So this week.. Tuesday, 3 of the Park City sisters were in Salt Lake to go to the temple (you get to go through when you are in your last transfer). So their 3 companions (me, Sister Zeiner, and Sister Cutler) stayed to work at the Family Tree. We also got our transfer announcements on Tuesday... So.. I am in my fourth transfer, and now my FOURTH area, with my FIFTH companion. I am still in Park City, but I am serving in the Park City West area instead of Park City East. And my companion is... Sister Zeiner! My MTC companion! Wild. 

Sis Jara finishes her mission!

On Tuesday night, we were still with our companions, but Wednesday morning, they all left. I cried so much when Sister Jara left! I was feeling like I had a good handle on things and that I would be fine, but then when she started walking towards the car that would take her to Salt Lake, I started bawling out of nowhere! I love that girl!

Wednesday, I met the Whites, who Sister Zeiner and I are living with. It is so different from our other apartment! It is so big! We are living in the White's basement.. It is a beautiful and big house, but the only downfall is that it is sort of really really freezing! We also met the new Zone Leader, Elder Gomez. 
On Thursday, I saw 2 moose!! I've never seen one before! I was so excited! I only saw them from a distance, but I heard that they are all around this area, so I am looking forward to seeing more!
Yesterday, Sister Zeiner and I had a lesson with this AMAZING girl who is planning on being baptized this week! The only problem is that she is only 16 and needs her parents' permission to be baptized. Her father is a member and is OK with it, but her mother is Catholic and thinks that she should wait. We are all fasting for her on Tuesday so that her mother's heart will be softened and she will be allowed to be baptized! 

Everything is going great here. Sister Zeiner and I both felt kind of sick this past week, so it was a little bit rough. But I know that it will be a great transfer. I can already tell that we have really great members and people in this area! 

I love love love you! Hope that all is well! Mwah! <3

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