Sundance hits Park City! :) Sis Jaras going home :(

Sis Jara and I in Park City!
I have officially been out for 5 months, as of Saturday!
I got your letter the other day. I can't wait to get another letter from Adam. It's really special when I get to talk to him. I love my brothers! When I get older (and am not on a mission), we will have family reunions frequently!
I feel like Shane has been working on his Eagle Project for a long time now! That's awesome that he is sticking with it and that he is getting so much help from friends and family. Make him write thank you cards!
That sounds like a really fun fireside. Some ideas: Make sure that you have pass-along cards so that members can take them and give them to friends! Also, challenge everyone to give away a BOM and maybe have some copies available for them to take and give away. Maybe have a referral sheet-- If anyone can think of a friend/family worker/co-worker that would receive the missionaries, they can put their name, number, address down. It's great to get people to remember their missions and the missionaries, but put an emphasis that the members can be missionaries too! I don't know. Just some ideas! Wishing I could Skype! I think Rachel McCarl would be a great speaker! I remember when she got home from her mission and spoke. It's partly because of her that I wanted to go on a mission. She speaks with the Spirit and has a really strong testimony and knowledge of the scriptures. I love that girl!
I loved your little story about Charlie saying that I am on vacation. I am in a huge vacation city, so everyone always thinks that I can go skiing or snowboarding on weekends. The Sundance Film Festival is in Park City for the next couple of weeks. The Family Tree Visitors' Center is right on Main Street where a lot of the action takes place! The streets are closed down and there are so many people. It's wild. There are a lot of people who dress crazy and we just watch them from the windows. haha. It's really fun though because people come from all over the world. I love that part. And I love when they come into the Family Tree, especially!
Sis Jara with Casey's hat.
Sister Jara is leaving this Wednesday and I will get my new companion. I am so sad! I know that my new companion will be great and things will be fine, but Sister Jara has become one of my very best friends! She is going to do so much good in Chile and I know that she is ready to go, but it will be so hard to say goodbye!
The Judds working to get a splinter out of my hand!
There are so so many changes happening in the Family Tree. The directors when I got here were Elder and Sister Mulford. They just had their last day last week and now we have Elder and Sister Jerman. There are 2 new sets of Senior Couples and there are 3 sister missionaries leaving this week! Everything is going to take some adjusting!
Have you been reading the New Testament with the mission? I love love love the New Testament. Have you seen the Bible videos on They are so so good and they are helpful to watch, especially when reading the New Testament. (
Bowling with the zone
Last P-day we went bowling with the district. Casey and Cortney came too! It was a lot of fun!
Book of Mormon Celebration
Last Thursday, one of the wards had a Relief Society Book of Mormon celebration. We took an investigator and her 5-year-old daughter. She really liked it! It was a great event. It was kind of like a Primary Program, but for adults. haha. There was a little dialogue and then there were a lot of songs.
I loved this week! Sundance is kind of crazy and wild, but it brings more people to the city and in turn, brings more people into the Family Tree. On Thursday, this man came in and spoke just a little bit of English. He said that he is from China, but is living in the U.S. for a short time as a film director and a part-time professor. He said that we probably couldn't find anything on his family, but we tried and he really liked the website and said that it helped a lot. He was super nice and we had a really good conversation and he accepted to have the missionaries visit him at his house in New York after the festival. So the next day, Friday, a girl came in, saying that her friend told her to come because we had some good information. I asked what her friend's name was & she said the name of the guy that I met the day before! Right away, she accepted to have missionaries come to her house and teach her. She is from China, too, and said that she has always wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. We watched a video and she felt the Spirit strongly. She accepted a Book of Mormon and was so so happy about it! She is sooo great. It was one of the coolest experiences just to see how the Lord prepares people. Anyway, I am hoping to keep in touch with her and I hope that she has a good experience with the missionaries!
The French at a glance book would be fine to send. It's small and light and I could keep up on basic phrases. I met a little boy the other night when we went to a member's house. The little boy is in a French immersion program at school. We were speaking French to each other and he's not even 8, I don't think! haha.
Well, I love love love you! I hope that everything is going well. You are the best! I miss you! Thank you for everything that you do! Mwaah!

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