A busy, productive week!

Nightly call-ins!

Happy Presidents' Day!! This morning, Sister Zeiner and I sang the National Anthem for companion study! When we went upstairs, the Whites said that they heard us and during our song, they had their hands over their hearts! hahah.

I love you so much. I read the line out loud, " I look forward to hearing your homecoming speech!" and all of the sister missionaries laughed. You are so Trunky!! 
I am so excited for you to go to California! Send Adam my love!! I love him sooo much!! Give Zeke a big hug and kiss for me!! Tell Liz that I love her! I am jealous!
The poster from the Slippery Rock Missionary Firesi

Thank you for all of the pictures. I loved them so much! Your event looked like a huge success! I loveee the poster!

Last week, I got packages from both you and Ellie! Thank you soo much! I have been spoiled rotten this Valentine's Day more than ever! I got so many Valentine's cards! from the Novaks, Sister Gibson, Mrs. Smitherman, etc! I love my friends and family sooo much! Ya'll are the B-E-S-T!
We got some Valentine's caramel and chocolate covered apples from some members, and they were Dee-licious! We also got some Valentine's treats from the Jermans, the new directors of the Family Tree! So wonderful. 

We had a Zone conference this week, so we had to have our vehicle cleaned out for the car inspection. So on Tuesday, Sister Zeiner and I went to Sister Peters' and she helped us clean out the inside really well. It was freezing outside and we were cleaning off the salt with water! It was crazy!

On Wednesday, we had the Cottonwood Zone conference. It was really really good. The departing missionaries gave their testimonies and I was thinking how strange it is that I will have to do that some day. Noo!! haha. We also had the "Missionary Mall," which is just a collection of clothes and items that missionaries give to the mission office and other missionaries can take. I got a new red coat with a little red hood, so adorable!
Me and Elder Judd on Groundhog's day!! Sad to be away from PA!

The weather has been AMAZING this week. Very sunny and wonderful. Still cold, haha, but the sunshine makes it okay! 

For Valentine's Day, we did some tracting and then we had to work at the Family Tree. All of these lovey dovey couples came in. Weird! haha. I got to write and call some of the people that I've met in the Tree, to tell them Happy Valentine's Day. We worked with the Jermans; they are so fun. They bought a pizza for all of us. It was a good day. 

Last week, I had a wonderful experience at the gas station. Sister Zeiner and I were stopped for gas, and before I got out of the car, I made the goal to OYM ("Open Your Mouth") at least one person before we left. Well, as soon as I got out of the car, a car pulled in on the other side of the gas pump. Before I could even Open My Mouth, the woman was walking towards me! She told me that she was on empty and had just spent the last of her money; she asked if she could borrow just 2 dollars. I opened the door to find if I had cash and I grabbed a Book of Mormon. I held the few dollars and the Book and said to her, with a smile, "You can only have this (the cash) if you will accept this (the Book of Mormon)." I think that she was surprised at first, but she gladly accepted both the cash and the Book. I bore my testimony to her and asked if she had ever been visited by missionaries before. She accepted to have a visit from the missionaries in Heber, where she lives. I got her address and phone number and she gave me a hug. Even though this experience did not lead to a teaching opportunity in our area, I am glad that I was able to help her come one step closer to accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Sister Zeiner and I are teaching a woman who grew up Jewish, and she has had a hard time getting excited about the Book of Mormon. We have been calling, texting, and stopping by often, offering to read with her and get her started. Finally, on Friday night, the woman let us in and allowed us to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her and her daughters. Her husband (who is a member), came in after we had read a few verses and started to read with us. It was a great experience reading with her whole family. Well, on Saturday, the woman texted us and told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon. Later that night, her husband called us and told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon for an hour and a half straight. We are so excited and hopeful that she will feel the Holy Ghost as she reads! 

Yesterday, Sister Zeiner and I got to give talks in one of the wards. I talked about how trials of faith can strengthen us and bring about miracles. I think that it went well :) We got a lot of compliments!

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