Another successful week!

Sister Zeiner and I took Casey and Cortney to teach a lesson with us the other night. They were SOO GOOD! Casey made me cry because he was bearing his testimony to our investigator and telling him how it was the best decision he has ever made! I keep telling Casey and Cortney that they both need to go on missions because they are so wonderful!

We had a training with President Miller this week. It was so good! He gave us some really helpful ideas and told us to be bold! So we have been using his ideas throughout the week and it is going well.

Outside the Family Tree!
Sister Zeiner and I talked to 2 baptist preachers who came into the Tree the other night. It was friendly, but they kept asking questions and we kept having the answers! It was completely by the Spirit! They asked us if we went into special training after highschool because we are so "knowledgeable"... I laughed at that!! Go Zein-EE and Wall-EE!

I have indexed over 700 names this week! It's so fun!

We had the wonderful opportunity, this week, to teach a woman who has been inactive from the church for her entire life. She told us about a few of her life experiences, which were all negative and sad. We testified of the importance of CPR and strongly urged her to come to church the next day. She expressed that she would be embarrassed because she didn't have a dress or a skirt and was concerned that she wouldn't have friends. The fellowshipper who came with us was very helpful and offered to take her shopping for a skirt. We told her about the welcoming spirit of her ward and she said that she would come. 
The next day at church, the service had started and she was still not there. Sister Zeiner and I were hopeful. We found a woman who would let her sit with her and we continued to check the door to see if she had come. Finally, a few minutes late, Pam walked in, gleaming with confidence. She wore a colorful dress and a huge smile on her face. It made me so happy to see her there, looking completely different than the day before. I know that the gospel brings happiness. I know that as we continue to teach her about Jesus Christ, her faith will increase and she will come closer to Him than she has ever been before.

We did eat dinner with President Uchtdorf's friend the other day, Brother Schenk and his wife. Brother Schenk grew up with Uchtdorf and kept talking about him all casual like, "Dieter doesn't like mushrooms," or whatever. haha. He had a copy of each of Uchtdorf's books, too, and asked us which one we wanted and that he would get Uchtdorf to sign it for us with our names!

Yesterday was Sister Burtenshaw's birthday (I served with her in West Jordan). So I got to call her!! It was so good. 

I got an email from Sister Jara in Chile! She is doing sooo well! She wants to come back and go to BYU! Ahhh!!

Park City district! (Timer photo!)
Love you mucho mucho! Happy Valentines!

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