A close call with a murderer..lol

This past week, Sister Zeiner and I went to a dinner with members and one of the kid's friends came over after we had eaten. They said, "He has the same name as you!" So I asked what his first name was and he said that it is Adam! Adam Wall! haha. Then later in the week, Sister Zeiner and I tracted into 2 roommates, Michael and Adam.. Not significant, but kind of interesting, yeah?
The girl that we fasted for did not end up getting baptized last weekend :( Her mom didn't give her permission, but we are still hopeful for the future. She is continuing to read the BOM and go to church & YWs. Hopefully her mom will let her be baptized some day.

I love love love working in the Family Tree because I get to meet so many great people here! This woman came in the other day and was telling us about a Cold War Kids (a band) concert on Main Street the night before (Matt would know of them). We talked a little bit about that then she was telling us that she was just starting to get active in the church again. She and I went downstairs and I showed her a video, "God's Plan for Families." We ended up talking in the basement for like an hour and a half! We had so much in common and she was so great. She is about 26, and was telling me how she wants to go on a mission, so we talked about that. We talked about a lot of things and she just kept telling me, "You're cool." hahah. I got her information and hopefully I can keep in touch with her. 
This week, I have been following up on some of the people who have come into the Tree and accepted to have missionaries in their homes. I have called the bishops and the missionaries and even the people. It's so great to see the progress from all the way across the country! 
Another cool thing about this week... I saw a moose up close! I love those guys!

Not a very eventful week, sorry to report! But last night, Sister Zeiner and I were excited to get home a little bit early from the Family Tree. We pulled in the driveway and the entire house was dark, except for one room. The light was on in a room that no one ever goes in. We called the Whites, the couple that we live with, and they said that they wouldn't be home for another half hour. So we naturally were terrified to get out of the car and go inside. We called this really great family in the ward, the Peters. We were telling Sister Peters about it and right away she said, "Do you want us to come over?" So Sister and Brother Peters, their entire family, and a girl named Morgan all came over!! Sister Peters was carrying a baseball bat. hahaha. They went into the house with us and turned all of the lights on and Sister Peters kept saying things like, "Who wants to let the rottweilers out?" haha. I LOVE THEM! Obviously there wasn't a murderer in the house and we were completely fine :)

I love love love you! I miss you and hope that all is well! 

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