A new companion and a baptism!

On Monday, Sister Zeiner and I had a lesson with Howard at the chapel. We brought Brother Peters, his son, & another lovely girl, Morgan. Howard was telling us that he would be moving the next week and Brother Peters said, "What if I offered you a job?" and he told him all about his roofing company and how he could get Howard a job!! Ahh. The members are so great here. Howard has some sort of restriction because of his Visa, so he couldn't accept the job, but it meant a lot to him anyways.
On Monday night, we got permission from President Miller for Howard to be baptized on the 14th, after only attending church twice!! What a miracle.

Tuesday, was the day before trainsfers, so we were all eagerly awaiting the news. I found out that I would be staying in my area (yay!) and training a new missionary from the MTC (scary!) Sisters Zeiner & Summerhays were being transferred together to Cottonwood & would be a companionship. 
Tuesday was also Howard's birthday. We decorated his door with balloons and a banner. That night, we went to the Livingstons for dinner & treats. We got Howard a giftcard so that he could buy some church clothes for his baptism and church. 
Sister Livingston & Howard on his birthday!
Wednesday was transfers. I took Zeinee and Summerhays to their house in Cottonwood and then went to a training meeting at the mission office. I have always dreaded training, so I was so nervous!! The trainers sat on one side of the chapel and the new missionaries sat on the other side. I saw 2 foreign sisters and I kept thinking, I want one of them!!! One of the foreign sisters was tiny & had little glasses, and I just had a feeling that she would be my companion.. Well President Miller called both of our names and we met in the middle of the chapel (it's such an awkward arrangement!) It was so good though! We hugged and we both loved each other right away. She told me that she had seen me and was hoping that I would be her companion because I looked so happy & friendly! We both got our pick! haha. Her name is Sister Villoso (pronounced "Vill-Ee-Oh-So").. She is from the Philippines. She has broken English, but she's rather good. She's so nice & just wonderful!
My new companion, Sister Villoso & I
For my birthday, I got a postcard from Hawaii from one of our investigators! I got several texts & calls from missionaries & members in the area. I got your package.. Cute! Thank you! I also got the letter from the YWs.. Thank you! Sister Villoso & I ate lunch with the Johnsons & they celebrated AGAIN. Summerhays & Zeinee called me at night before bed to tell me Happy Birthday :)

Friday was Howard's baptismal interview.. The district leader said that Howard is the most "legit" investigator he's ever met. He said that they were both almost crying from how strong the Spirit was. Ahhh. Wonderful.
Brother Livingston, Howard, Sister Villoso, and I after Howard's baptism!
Sunday, we saw Howard at church in his new fancy church clothes! At 1, I was able to go to Casey's ward (Casey, my red-headed convert from December) to see him get the Aaronic priesthood, which was amazing! 
At 5 was Howard's baptismal service & confirmation! Ahh, it was amazing. Absolutely perfect. After he was baptized, he just stood in the water for at least 30 seconds with his eyes closed. The Spirit was so strong! What a wonderful experience to see someone who was so prepared by the Lord. When he was getting dressed, Sister Villoso & I taught the Restoration to the audience. After the baptismal service, a non-member woman from Park City East asked if she could start being taught the lessons by the other sisters again! It was a beautiful day! Howard has already spoken with the branch president in Michigan (where he is moving), and he is looking forward to continuing this path. Beautiful things!

Love you! Hope all is well! <3

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