A busy, busy week!

The only time that we can get a little extra sleep is on Pdays. We are usually pretty busy cleaning our apartment, cleaning out the vehicle, going to the carwash, grocery shopping, doing laundry, & at the end of it all, I do just want to sleep! but I never have! The district usually gets together to play games or go somewhere, but I am starting to care less & less about being with people & more about sleeping.. haha. My last few districts I was pretty close with, but not so much with this one yet. It's kind of weird because there's a photo on our fridge from 2 transfers ago, & I'm the only one in the entire photo that is still in Park City.. haha. I don't mind, because I really like my area, but it's just different being the oldest one.

Last Monday was Sister Villoso's first Pday in the field. We didn't do much. We went to Olympic Park here in Park City.. It's where they train for the Olympics for skiing. It wasn't too impressive, but it was fun being with Sister V.
Sister V at Olympic Park
On Wednesday, we taught a lesson to a woman from the Philippines. I was so impressed with Sister V because she taught nearly the whole lesson. She did a really good job of taking the lead. She had a connection with the woman (for obvious reasons) and they talked half-English, half-Tagalog.. It was so fun. It was actually really cool because she still isn't confident with her English, and so in most of our lessons, she will only talk when I ask her a question or I nudge her. 

On Thursday, I thought about Zooey (Matthew) the whole day! Happy Birthday to him!
That night, a less-active & his girlfriend came into the Family Tree to say Hi because he had been out of town for a while. He kept telling people that I was his "sister who was trying to convert him". haha. It is really so nice to have a relationship with the people that I teach and see that I am making some sort of a difference. He kept bragging about me & saying that I am the best missionary that he's met. He told this one woman that I am aggressive, and I said, "I'm just bold!" ...Which is not a sentence that I would have said at the beginning of my mission. My confidence in speaking & teaching has grown immensely. 

On Friday, we went to a lesson with the Johnsons, the wonderful couple that calls themselves "Brother & Sister Tomato Plant" (from Elder Ballard's conference talk). Ahhh. I love them so much. We did a role play with them & taught Lesson 1 to practice our teaching in unity. Brother Johnson got so into it! They were pretending to be investigators and he asked so many questions! haha. It was really great though. At one point, he even teared up. At the end of it, they both accepted baptism! Maybe they were too easy on us, haha. They both said that they felt the Spirit though. 

Friday night, we had dinner with this amazing couple. I loved their apartment and I loved the wife! She was completely adorable. . . Have you ever heard of the show Yo Gabba Gabba? Google it. It's a children's show. Zeke watches it all the time.. Well, I found out that the wife is one of the characters on that show! Ahh. Such funny things. 

On Saturday, Sister V and I went tracting in the rain. and the snow. and the sunshine. The weather here is just as crazy as it is in PA. We met a variety of people. One lady invited us in, asking where we are from, etc. She seemed really friendly but then as we testified about the Book of Mormon, she started yelling at us! Sister V's first experience with shouting.. haha. Sister V did so good though. We kept testifying and she asked us to leave. Before we left, though, I asked for a referral: "Who do you know that would benefit from hearing this message?"  :)
We also tracted into a really wonderful woman who let us give her a copy of the Book of Mormon & gave us her number. She said that she's very open & doesn't understand why people are so closed-minded about Mormons. She is so prepared to hear the gospel! She lives in Salt Lake though, so we are going to see about sending missionaries to her home there.

Howard Lewis, our recent convert, is officially living in Michigan. I've talked to him on the phone a few times this week & he is doing so good!! He said that on the 4 day (Ahh!) bus trip to Michigan, he was reading the Book of Mormon & the Gospel Principles book. I am so proud of him! He had an experience with his new co-workers where they were smoking & drinking & offered him some, but he didn't take any. He said that he wouldn't do that because he is Mormon! He said that he felt very proud to say that he was Mormon. Ahhh, I am just so pleased to know him.

The Stake Spring Formal seems so.. formal! Very cool.
You are so involved with the Youth! You go girl!
I have seen both versions of the JS Restoration movie. Ahhhh, I just love everything with Joseph Smith.
Thank you so much for the Olive Garden gift card. I will have to think about what I can do with it! haha. I loved it though, and the card. Thank you so much! 

I love you. I am planning on writing you a letter. 

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  1. Where in MI is Howard living??? Oh and we always, I mean always have Yo Gabba Gabba on! Tell her Sophia is a HUGE fan! Which character is she? You sound like you are doing so well. Wish we could see you!