It's a wonderful Easter!

Sister Zeiner and I with our Easter bags :) 
What a wonderful and wild week. We picked up three new investigators, only to find out that they would be going to church in other areas. Each lesson with a new investigator was followed by a phone call to pass them on to another set of missionaries. However, we are working with two less-active families, helping them return to activity and preparing their 8-year-old children to be baptized. On Sunday, we also picked up a new investigator and put her on date for the month of April. 

One of our investigators has been reading the Book of Mormon non-stop. On Tuesday, we had a lesson with her and she received her answer that the Book of Mormon is true! It is such a special experience to hear someone say that they have felt that confirmation from the Holy Ghost. I absolutely love her and am so excited to keep teaching her and seeing her grow.

The couch with our Easter bags & a few eggs

Message from the "Easter Bunny"
Elder Jerman (the director of the Family Tree) and his wife, Sister Jerman, spoiled us for Easter! At our district meeting on Tuesday, Sister Jerman received a "phone call" in the middle of the meeting. She stopped and said, "I have to take this." She continued to talk on the phone in front of all of us. 

After a minute or so, she whispered to us, "It's the Easter Bunny!" This conversation continued for a good three minutes! She said that the Easter Bunny had left us each a note. At the end of the meeting, we read the notes, telling us that there was a surprise for each of us upstairs! When we went upstairs, there were Easter eggs everywhere! 6 Easter eggs for each of us; filled with scriptures and candy. There was also an Easter bag for each of us. It was sooo adorable and thoughtful. 

Carrot cake (Mmm!) and Easter treats!
Wednesday, we had dinner with a mom and her two kids. The two kids are in a French-immersion program at school. I am so jealous!! They are SO good. Their mom was on the phone in the other room and me and the kids were talking French to each other a little bit and Sister Zeiner was just like, I have no idea what any one is saying. haha. 

We had an absolute miracle this week! We have been going through the part-member family lists for our ward, looking for less-actives and non-members that we can teach. On Thursday, we visited one last door before going into the Family Tree for our shift. The family wasn't there and it looked like they had been renting out their home (a lot of people do that during ski season in Park City). The next day, we were tracting in a completely different area, and we found a woman who is a member but hasn't been to church in a while. As we were inviting her to come to church with us, we asked her name. It turned out that she was the woman who we were looking for the previous day! The area is always changing and people's hearts are always being prepared to receive this gospel.

On Saturday, we drove all around, inviting people to come to church for Easter Sunday. We watched Finding Faith in Christ at the Family Tree with one of the families that we are teaching. It was really good!

Easter was really good!! We went to 2 sacraments. Our investigator came to the first sacrament, and a less active couple came to the second one. Ahhh, I just love everyone so much! Then we went to the combined RS/priesthood lesson at another ward. The Young Women gave Sister Zeiner and I each a rose! :) 
Easter morn! (It was quite windy!) 

After church, we went to visit a former investigator (from before I was in the area) and we picked up her back up as an investigator. We taught a lesson outside because it was really sunny and nice out. Then we went to dinner with the Livingstons; their daughter left on her mission a week ago. They gave us each an Easter basket :)

This week, we also found out that Sister Zeiner and I get to go to the last session of General Conference in Salt Lake! We are going to watch the Saturday sessions with some people we are teaching. I am excited!

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How are Rusty and Becky and the baby doing? That's crazy he's in Kuwait. 

I miss Mike! I am so proud of him! I really hope that he can prepare himself to get his patriarchal blessing. I have been praying for him and Adam every single morning and night! 

Mother's Day is coming up in a few months.. haha. I am excited to talk to you! Woo hoo! I don't know anything about what will happen, but I'll let you know when I do.

The whole mission slowed down on the New Testament reading, so no worries. We are on Jude right now. 

Thank you for doing my taxes! You sweet lady!

April Fools prank on the director! 
I love you SOOO much. MWAH! <3

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