I am CRYING!!! It took forever for me to open the video because we are on ANCIENT computers and I had to download Quicktime but I got it to work before I read anything about where he is going.. I am not mad at all, Shane!! I am so so so so so happy for you! I am crying for complete and utter joy for you! I know that Salt Lake is the exact place that I need to be and I know that Paris is the exact place that you need to be!! That is sooo awesomee!!  I loveeee you!

I don't have enough time to read your other email so I just printed it out to read later. I hope that's okay. I definitely got the email about Shane's mission call. I have been waiting for it and talking about it all week! He is going to the exact mission that I wanted before I received my call! How amazing is that? Out of the 405 missions in the whole entire world, he got the one that I thought I wanted! I am so so happy for him! I think it's kind of like how you want your kids to accomplish the things that you couldn't or didn't as a kid. It might be like that, but I'm not sure.. haha. I am so proud of him and happy for him and so scared for him because that will be such a hard mission!! haha. I am mostly just very excited for him to be in the mission field!
What an eventful week here, too! Last Monday, our Park City district spent the day at the park. That night we had a lesson with the guy we contacted from the media referral. He is definitely the elect! I am so excited for him to be taught and for him to receive the gospel. He was so open minded. He said that he had heard many thing about the Church and about Joseph Smith, etc. but that he had an open mind. He compared it to the saying, "Innocent until proven guilty.." haha.
Tuesday was our last district meeting before transfers & the mission split. We had lunch outside in the beautiful sunshine with the Johnsons on their deck. They are so so sweet. That night, we had dinner with the Park City East sisters and their landlord, (my old landlord in Park City East!!) Frank and Kathy Richards. We had a lot of fun. Afterward, we went to an activity at the church pavilion. They have a reading activity every Tuesday for mostly Hispanic children and children who need to practice their reading. We did some activities and read children's books to them. I helped a little boy named George read "Hop on Pop".. haha.
Wednesday, we had a party in the morning at the Family Tree. During our shift, Sara McLaws, who I absolutely love, came in with her friend that I have been hearing about for nearly 7 months! They were so sweet and wonderful. While they were in, we did sneaky things and found out what was happening for transfers the next day!! We were all flipping out and running around... I'm sure that they thought we were crazy. Well, we found out that I was getting transferred to Cottonwood, replacing Sister Zeiner, and being companions with Sister Summerhays. All of the other sisters and the District leader and his companion stayed in PC, but some of the companionships got shifted around. Anyhow, it was wild. Then we visited some of the families that I love so dearly and we shared a message. We visited the Williams, the Stecks, and the Thorums. (All of them sent me emails this week, too!! So sweet!)
Sister V and I at the Jordan River temple
Sister Willis and I
Thursday, we drove to South Jordan to do a session with our whole mission in the Jordan River temple! It was a beautiful day and it was completely perfect. After the temple, we went to a mission conference where President and Sister Miller spoke. They announced the names of the elders and sisters going into the new mission... I'm one of them! I am officially a Salt Lake City East sister missionary! Wild. That night, Sister V and I spent 20 crazy dollars on chocolate because we were feeling spontaneous and rich... haha.
Friday, was transfers. I said goodbye to Park City. Sister V cried. Sister Willis and I drove down to pick up her new companion and to drop me off. We got so so lost! What a complete gongshow.. But it was really fun and it all worked out. I will miss Sister Willis and Sister V most of all!! They really supported me in Park City and we all grew very close. I miss my district leader and his companion already, too! I think that they are one of my favorite companionships for leadership that I've ever had.
Summerhays and I.. Our picture for the Ask the Missionaries poster
Well, Friday was my first day serving with Sister Summerhays. I knew her from Park City and I have always wished that we'd be companions so I am so so excited to serve with her! We laughed all day long and worked so hard. I honestly LOVE serving with her. She is so natural and genuine in everything, including her teaching. She is so so full of the Spirit and has such a strong testimony. I know that I am going to learn so much from her! 
"Welcome Missionaries" chalk art when we showed up for a lesson!
Saturday, we did zone workout and had a zone meeting. We had a gongshow church tour with this 10-year-old investigator that we are teaching. There were so many people there and everyone was talking and her 10-year-old cousin kept interrupting. Summerhays and I just laughed about it afterwards and were like, what just happened!
That night, we got a referral from one of the ward mission leaders. He and his wife were sitting on their porch reading their scriptures so we asked if we could visit their non-member neighbor. They were so skeptical about referring their neighbor and kept saying things like, "They are staunch Catholic!" and "The wife will be the one who is very uninterested." etc etc. Well, we went over anyway... and it was so good! The wife answered the door and allowed us to talk to her for a few minutes and explain the promise given in the Book of Mormon. She even said that we can come back later this week! We went back and reported our success and the WML and his wife, who are so sweet, were practically crying, telling us that they had said a prayer when we went over! It was such a miracle. That night we went to dinner with the Stake President's family. They were so generous.
Sunday, we went to a million Ward Council Meetings. We had linner with some members, where a crazy quail bird flew in the house! Sister Rawle went inside and caught it right away. She said, "I honestly just said a little prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me catch it and then I caught it!" Little miracles all along our way. We went to the mission office with our entire SLCS mission for the WorldWide Mission Broadcast.. It was sooo good! Afterward, the mission went through, shaking hands with President and Sister Miller. It took forever, so everyone was standing around talking. I was sitting in the pew, and people were walking past, moving up in the line to talk to President. I hardly ever cry, but I was bawling!! It was such a gongshow. All of my SLCS friends would come up to shake my hand and I would start crying again!! I hated saying goodbye :( I was an unexpected mess.
Well, I am so excited for all of the new changes to take place! I love you so much! I am so proud of Shane! Hope all is well! Love you!

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