Pres Uchtdorf comes to Park City!

Well, last Monday, Sister V and I started our quilts with Sister Thorum. 
Sis Villoso and Sis Thorum working on quilts!
That evening, we had our first New Member Lesson with Morgan and the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Vincent. We had the lesson at the Peters' home and then they made us crepes (Mm!). 
Monday, I got the letter about Shane turning in his mission papers. Since then, I've been telling EVERYONE! :)

Tuesday, we did studies with the District Leader and his companion. My DL tells me that I have "Legit teaching skills". 
We had district meeting with the Zone Leaders and then all went out for lunch. We had a waitress from the Philippines, so Sister Villoso talked to her in Tagalog and invited her to the Family Tree. 
In the evening, we visited a wonderful family with a less-active father. The night before, I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about them. I figured that I could not sleep because I needed to remember to visit them the next day. When we visited, we played a gospel game and they gave us some treats. Before we left, I hugged the mom and when I went to let go, she kept holding on. She was crying and said, "Thank you for bringing the Spirit into our home."

Wednesday, we got our first Ward Mission Process!! (Referral that the ward auxiliary leader has contacted and the family has agreed to meet with us). More information on that to come. 

Thursday, we did some more service washing walls. I love service activities!
In the evening, we worked at the Family Tree. When we left to go home, we had a ticket on our car! We opened it and it was a note from Clark, the parking guy. haha.

Friday, the elders came and helped us "double-work" our area. We went tracting in an apartment complex and met a few potential investigators.
For dinner, Sister Walk (an amazing woman) took us to Panda Express. While we ate outside and talked, tons of people walked by that we knew! I think it's getting obvious that I've been in this area for 5 transfers... haha. I love it though.

Saturday was a SPECIAL day. Sister Villoso and I started this thing called the 40-day-challenge. It's from a talk by Elder Cook. We made a list of 10 things that we can avoid or start doing to feel the Spirit in greater abundance. The talk says that the things don't have to be ways that you are bad or even ways that you are being disobedient, but the point is to cut out even the most minor distractions. I'll send a photo of our lists. Of course we made them creative and cute :)
Our 40 Day Challenge Program!

Well, Saturday from 3 to 9 we worked in the Family Tree. It was a pretty regular shift, actually going kind of slow. The other sisters, Sister Willis and Sister Marlow, were on their way to the Family Tree to have a lesson with some people. When they came in, they said that they had seen President Uchtdorf on Main Street. We weren't sure if they were joking or mistaken, but they promised that it was him. Well, we went around and straightened a few things and then waited. We figured that if he was on Main Street, there was no way that he wasn't going to come into the Visitors' Center. So we waited and helped some people and then suddenly, President Uchtdorf and Sister Uchdorf walked in the door. I was standing right in the entrance way! It is all kind of a blur because my heart was exploding and I was so nervous, but I remember saying, "Hi! How are you!" I was the first one to greet them, so without any example of how I was supposed to be, I am sure that my eyes were wide as I hugged Sister Uchtdorf. When I shook the hand of President Uchtdorf, the room was so warm; I was so excited and nervous! Immediately behind them were 2 visitors (members), so I stepped to the side and greeted them. President and Sister Uchtdorf walked by me to talk to the other missionaries. As I said, it's all a blur, and I'm sure that I was blacked out because I can hardly remember it at all. I do remember standing beside Sister Villoso and talking to President and Sister Uchtdorf about where we are from and things like that. What a completely wonderful and miraculous experience!

Well, here is the general idea of what our week consisted of. Last week, Sister Villoso and I made a list of all the finding ideas we could think of. We'd been following the Preach My Gospel section on "Finding Through Your Own Efforts" (including OYMing everyone we see). Finding through our own efforts hasn't proven to be very successful, so we decided to focus on working with the ward leadership and ward members. Among many other things we: visited auxiliary leaders and taught them about the Ward Mission Process; we met with 3 bishops and 3 Ward Mission Leaders to prepare for 3 Ward Council meetings; we visited members' homes who have children serving missions and committed them to have a missionary moment this week to write their missionary about; we attended social events and asked members for referrals multiple times. We received and contacted many referrals who are interested in having lessons this next week. Also, the Ward Council meetings were completely wonderful! Previously, we haven't been able to attend because of our Family Tree schedule, but I am so glad that we changed the schedule so that we can attend. The leaders allowed us to speak first in the meeting so that we could leave after we discussed missionary work; we set goals with them to begin the Ward Mission Process; we made assignments with specific leaders that we will follow up on this week. Overall, I am so proud of Sister Villoso and myself for the work that we put in this week. Every moment, we have been focusing on finding. 
Our list of finding ideas

You asked if there is anything that I need. My shoes are getting scary ugly, but they work completely fine and I don't want to get new ones until my old ones are unusable. I wish that I had more colorful clothing, but I definitely have more than enough of what I need. Today I bought some little footie slipper-socks to wear inside my flat shoes. Perhaps I could use more of those, but I just hand wash the pairs that I have and it works out well. Oh! One thing that I have been craving, (that I obviously don't need), is JuJuCoins! My favorite candy :)

I love youu! Hope all is well! I constantly talk about you and how great you are and how much I miss you!! Mwah!

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