Corn hole and other funny events!

Two more weeks until transfers. The mission split is supposed to be July 1. We will probably start to see the new mission president and the changes at the end of this transfer, though. Everything is pretty up-in-the-air. We don't know anything yet! But I will for sure let you know when I find out.
Last Pday we played Volleyball and Cornhole at the park. There were nets already set up and all of the beanbags for the Cornhole game. Elder Allen and I were the only ones who knew what Cornhole was! We taught everyone else in the district and they seemed to have a lot of fun. When we were getting ready to leave, some guys came over and picked up the wooden Cornhole blocks and the beanbags and put them in their car... We thought it belonged to the park, but it was theirs! haha. They just waited for us to finish and didn't say anything before taking it away.
Sister Villoso and I have been studying Preach My Gospel, especially the section on Finding. We have been struggling to find new people to teach, so we have been trying every finding idea that we can think of. During our full day of proselyting, it was extremely rainy and cold, but we worked so hard to find someone. My tights were completely soaked and my hair was a gong show. We visited Former and Potential Investigators from the area book; we knocked on all of the doors around each place we visited; we asked every person for referrals MULTIPLE times; we OYMed any person we saw-- no body would let us in or talk to us! This isn't a story that ends with a miracle, but at the end of the day we were so exhausted and felt good about the work that we put in. It felt like one of those days as a missionary that you just have to prove yourself to the Lord to show Him that you are willing to do everything he asks, even if people don't receive you. It's cool to think about the Savior's efforts, and even though he was the Son of God, I'm sure it was a struggle to convince the people about the importance of his message. We have been working hard every day, but that rainy day felt particularly difficult and fulfilling. I am striving to put in the work so that I can be worthy of the blessings I hope to experience.
Wednesday, we had a training meeting. Some of the other missionaries are training TWO missionaries. I hope that I never have to do that!
Later, we were tracting and we OYMed this guy on the street. To remind you, OYM is Open Your Mouth, which means to talk to everyone you see. Well, he was kind of busy cutting the branches off of a tree, but we are really trying to find new people, so we talked to him anyway. He was so nice and open to talk with us. He said that he had met with missionaries before and had a lot of questions. He wanted to know how his family could be eternal; where he came from; why he is here; where he is going... And then he said, "How am I doing?" and started laughing. He was a member! haha. Ughhh. Former Bishop Sibbitts! What a trickster.
Friday, we ate Asian food at the Christensens. Cortney and Casey were there! I haven't seen them in forever, so it was nice to hang out with them for a bit. I really love that family. You need to meet them when you visit to pick me up! ;)
Sister V and I have been making gospel games, so we played Gospel Memory with them and had a lot of fun.
Sunday, we had dinner with a French family. The dad was born and raised in France; the mom studied there; and the children have all been there and all speak French fluently. It was way cool.
Well. That's my week! Thank you for the pictures! I printed them out (in black and white!) I love them. I love you! You're the best! I miss you! MwaH!

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  1. Hi Ariel, I love to read your blogs. I am proud of you that you stuck with it--even with doors being shut in your face. You had the faith to keep going. You used your feet to do what the Savior would do. Remember, many people rejected him, as they rejected the Prophets. You have put many gold bricks in your mansion. You are growing more beautiful every day--with every OYM. Your Mom and Dad were here yesterday. Your Mom made me cookies. I love your family. You are in my prayers. Keep up the good work. I love you. Ruby