A new companion and a busy week!

Monday: Last last before transfers. Sister Summerhays and I were taking Trax to meet our investigator, but we didn't know what time the train would come and I was so so hungry and Chick Fil A was just around the corner so we decided to run and get food really quickly but the line was forever long and I ordered the most difficult thing to eat on the run-- a salad. (This whole email will be comprised of run-on sentences)...

Sister Summerhay & Chick Fil A at the Trax

Me, eating salad on the Trax

Well, we zoomed to Trax, had 4 seconds to open our food and then discovered the train on its way... So we closed our food and snuck it on the train and took sips of milkshake and bites of frenchfries every now and then, all the while, gong show gong show gong show. We half ate-didn't eat and then I asked, Does it matter if we are on the Green train instead of the Blue train? 

Lost on Trax
Sister Summerhays flipped and said, Oh my gosh super loud repeatedly and I laughed. Long story short, we made it to Temple Square. Our investigator is ammmaazing and I love her with all my heart. We talked about her family while sitting in front of the Christus statue and she cried. Her daughter is one years old, but is the size of a four-year-old.
Temple Square
Sister Summerhays and I were able to have lessons with all of our investigators that day before she left for her new area. Also, Monday was my 11 month mark!

Tuesday: We had a transfer meeting, which we've never done in the South Mission before. It was kind of crazy and I didn't know who my companion would be until the very end. There were 3 new sisters and they sat up on stage and I immediately knew who my companion would be. It's so funny how that happens. Well, my new companion is Sister Kiser.
My new trainee, Sister Kiser!
She is from North Carolina and she has a thiiick Southern accent. She's outgoing and fun, so we are getting along well. We've already experienced many miracles. Well anyway, Tuesday night, we had our last lesson with Janie and then we ate smores with the Daniel family.

Wednesday: Crazy gongshow Pioneer Day! We went to Salt Lake for the parade with the entire East mission and were given copies of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, Mormon.org cards to give out. Sister Kiser and I had an amazing time. I honestly didn't see one second of the parade because we were talking to people the entire time! We talked with one man, Jason, for an hour! He was a non-member, an atheist, and came up with all of these concerns, but we would always have an explanation. He kept saying, "You are so smart" and "You know the answers to everything!" and things like that. At one point, he said to me, "You seem like you have your mind made up and you really believe these things". I DO believe these things and I know that they are so good and so true! Well, we finally turned and walked away but he found our phone number on a pamphlet we had given him. He called us and told us that we are the first missionaries that he has talked to for a full hour and that he really respects us and at the end he said, "God bless"..!!!!...I really don't think that he is an Atheist! 
Well anyway, other things that we did that day: Walked around Salt Lake. Went to Temple Square. Ate lunch with the Park City sisters who I looooveee. Went to Temple Square again! That night we watched this new LDS movie, Ephraim's Rescue. Sometimes I didn't understand what was going on, but overall it was pretty good and there were some funny parts. 
Some of the sisters who came to Temple Square on Wednesday for
Pioneer Day. ...Oh. I totally forgot to talk about that in my email.

Thursday: First meeting as a new district. Lunch at Zuppas! (Always!) Janie had her baptismal interview and passed! 

Friday: Spontaneous zone conference. Lunch and cardmaking with the young women from the 8th ward. So fun!! Ahhhhhh!! And then we had a miracle lesson with a new investigator who I looooveeeee. He is 26 and he is so so prepared to hear about the gospel. His grandmother is a member and he is living with her right now so that he can straighten his life out. He is so so wonderful. He asked so many perfect questions! We taught him about the Restoration and as I told him about Joseph Smith's first Vision, he was so focused on me and my words. When I finished, he said that he had goose bumps. I told him that the Spirit was testifying to him that that was a real experience and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ actually appeared to Joseph Smith. He said, "I want to know what they told him"... Ahhh, he is so in tune with the Spirit and so hungry for the truth!

Matt & Janie
Saturday: Janie's baptism!!! Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Sister Summerhays was able to come and she sang, "I know that my Redeemer Lives".. I love that song and I love her. She has the most beautiful singing voice in the whole world. Janie was baptized by her son, Matt, and the Spirit was so strong. Sister Kiser and I taught the first lesson to the audience. Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Blue Lemon restaurant with the stake president and his wife, President and Sister Hicken. It was so nice. That night, we had a lesson with a less active family, a single mom and her 5 kids. They were super stressed when we first arrived and were hesitant to meet with us, but after a bit, they were so open and so friendly. Ahh, I love the Spirit! 

Sunday: Our electricity went out and as a result, our garage door opener wouldn't work so we walked everywhere! We went to Janie's sacrament meeting, where she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We went to another ward and 2 of our investigators came to church!! Ahhh, I love them. Total, we had 3 investigators at church and also, Janie, who is officially a Recent Convert, received the Holy Ghost. That night, we had another lesson with the 26 year old new investigator. I am so so happy to know him. He already loves the gospel. He loves to learn. He is soaking everything up because he says that it is making him so happy! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I was so excited to teach him every principle and ordinance because I knew it was what he needed! He is searching for the truth and he wants happiness. He told us that he wants to change for life! So as we taught him about faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end, he was so accepting of it all!! And he wants to be baptized in August!! (He even told a member at church that he wants to serve a mission!!) Ahhhh, I just LOVE missionary work!!

I LOVE this gospel. It can fill any and every void. The Savior, Jesus Christ, can heal every single wound. I am the happiest ever and I am closer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father than I've ever been before. I can tell people with an honest heart that I know this is what they need in their lives. I love this Church! I know without a doubt that it is true and that it is Jesus Christ's church!! It is just so good! Every part of it is good. The gospel is perfect; Christ is perfect. 

All my loveee! 
The Temple!!

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