Flooding in the basement... Another great week!

The Giant series, continued
Thanks for writing me before you went to weed!
I emailed Sister V and asked her if they have brought my stuff to the Tree yet. I will let you know if she emails me back! Thank you so much for calling and making arrangements. 
That's cool that those 2 missionaries came to visit!! I want you to visit my area with me when I am done!

I love my new area. Wasatch is full of the nicest members and ward leaders. We have an amazing Stake president!! and my companion is THE best. I have loved every one of my companions, but somehow this companionship has been different than all the others. Right from the start, we have been so comfortable with each other and have loved teaching with each other. Sister Summerhays has the most wonderful Spirit and we always have things to talk about. The downside is that we never want to stop talking, and sometimes we can't fall asleep because we keep thinking of things that we want to tell each other! Ahhh, I love her.
I thought that I might be able to write a short email today, because I just sent one on Thursday, but it has been a gongshow of a weekend!
Thursday was fourth of July. Our entire new East mission got together at a park to celebrate. We got to meet our new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Eberhardt. They are so sweet and down-to-earth! I got to see the Park City district that I left. It was so nice to see Sister Willis and Sister Villoso again! I just hugged and hugged them! We got to see all of the new missionaries that we hadn't met before, but mostly we just hung out with our zone, who we already knew... Well, President and Sister Eberhardt initiated a water balloon fight that I thought I could be exempt from, but in the end, I was completely drenched. We had SO much fun. It started with water balloons, and progressed to cups filled with water from the water fountain, and then filling entire water coolers with water from the hose. It was wild. A couple of the sisters hid behind the dumpsters to avoid getting wet, and a few elders ran away from everyone, but other than that, pretty much everyone was wet. No exaggeration, I think that I was the most soaked out of every person there. It really looked like I just got out of a swimming pool!!--but I didn't! ;) ...I got Elder Simon, my PC district leader, a few times. The first time, I went behind the fence with Sister Willis and we poured it on his head from the other side! He was so surprised.. haha. It was a really fun day. We had some other activities, too, like Tug-of-War and Missionary Tag. Then a bunch of missionaries from our zone went out for ice cream afterwards. It was such a wonderful holiday!
Sister Summerhays and I were sent on a crazy mission to fix the rain gutter with this crazy space tube!
Friday morning, we woke up to a flooded basement. We were so sick of being wet from the 4th, but the rain came anyway. It leaked through our window and through our floor and the whole one side of the room had soaking wet carpet. 
That night, we heard from the Russian elder that Evgyni, the Russian man we met at the park, is on date to be baptized!! Sister Summerhays and I are so so so excited! We love his wonderful Spirit. Elder Pokrovskii said that the man hadn't read the Book of Mormon before, but could already feel the Spirit telling him that it is true! I love him!
More flooding, etc.

Dancing! Puddles in our carpet, fans blowing our skirts! (All while doing nightly call-in report to our District leader) 

Saturday, the Zone Leaders came over and kicked us out of the basement so they could shopvac the carpet. It completely didn't work though, because there was just too much water. None of our things are ruined, just the padding and carpet. Some men from the church ended up coming over to tear the padding and carpet up and they stuck some fans in there. Things are mostly dry, but our room looks like a disaster area and everything smells like wet dog! 
Saturday was such a wonderful day. We went to a LA family, hoping to have a lesson with them, but it didn't look like anyone was home. As we walked up the driveway, the man and his non-member mother drove up. They apologized and told us that the kids were gone (there are so many kids that live there) and that it was just them. Miracle. We asked if we could share a message anyway and they let us come in... Well it was so completely wonderful. Sister Summerhays and I felt the Spirit guiding and directing the entire conversation. The man explained how he had been converted to the gospel and then began to talk about how he wants his mother to be sealed to him in the temple. He was even saying things like, "Mom, I can baptize you!" We know that she felt the Spirit! She was crying and asking a lot of questions. We are so excited to go back tonight and teach her.
Sunday, we had a meeting with the Stake president, who is so wondeful. Then we went to sacrament and that same woman came to church with her family! Sister Summerhays and I were so happy! The little boy, her grandson, is soo cute! He made this tiny book out of lined paper. It was entitled, "The House Book"... When you opened it up, there was a picture of 2 people and it said, "Forgive you. Forgive you." and the next page had the same 2 people and said, "Yes," and that was the end of it.. haha. My new favorite book!!

Brighton Cabin.. The Phillips family & friend, who fed us breakfast for lunch :)
That afternoon, we went up the canyon to the Brighton Branch. We went to a member family's cabin and the YW daughter had a non-member friend over. We had met them last week at sacrament when we spoke. Well the YW and her non-member friend set a date so that she could be baptized! We are so excited to begin teaching her! It's kind of a complicated situation, because we need to get her whole family involved, and they all live in another area, but we are praying that it all works out! 
That night, we went to a woman's house who we are teaching. She wasn't able to come to church because she works every Sunday, so we were talking to her about coming to church next Sunday. She asked, "What time is it?" We said, "Church?" and she said, "No. My baptism. I want to make sure that I have work off." She is sooo sweet and really has a desire to be an example for her children!
Well, it was 4 crazy days, but they were so so good! I love Heavenly Father. He is the best! I love my companion! She is so completely perfect! I love youuuu! I miss you! Mwah!

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