My BEST 4 weeks EVER!

Our district
My my myyyy... It seems like every week, I have more and more to write about! 
Well, this transfer has only been 4 weeks long, but Sister Summerhays and I have loved it! Every time we talked to President or Sister Eberhardt, we would ask to stay together for at least one more transfer... But alas... tomorrow are transfers and... 
I will be training again!
President Eberhardt called me last night to tell me that I would be training and I said, "Ohh brotherrr" and he said, "Does that mean, Yes President, I would love to be a trainer!" and I said, "Yes, that is what I mean, President, I would love to be a trainer." ..Ahhhh..
Sister Summerhays is going to another area; we're not sure where she will be serving or who her companion will be yet. This mission is kind of crazy and we're not sure how anything works yet!
I have had seriously the BEST (4 week) transfer with Sister Summerhays. Before my mission, I had expectations of what my mission would be like. I pictured being bestfriends with my companion, teaching by the Spirit, asking inspired questions that would draw out concerns from my investigators, and loving every second. That is exactly what this past 4 weeks has been! Of course I have loved each of my areas and my companions, but somehow, this transfer has been absolutely perfect. We are such a gongshow and we forget everything and we make spontaneous and last minute plans, but I am so grateful for the time that I've been able to serve with Sister Summerhays!! Okay, I am done, but seriously, I love her!

Straw glasses!
So... Last Monday, some things that happened: We went to Deseret Book and talked to a Return sister missionary, who told us all about how life after the mission is terrible.. Eek.. We got milkshakes. We drank water from straws that were glasses. We played gospel charades with 2 different families; my favorite was this little boy who, instead of acting the word out, said, "I believe in Jesus Christ. I can't see him"... The word was Faith! How perfect. 

Tuesday: We did some service for the Daniel family, helping them clean out their garage. Ahhhh, I am a complete advocate for throwing EVERYTHING away, but it just didn't happen. We were completely filthy with dust when we left. Afterwards, we had to go to the mission office to get a new windshield wiper and NO ONE could figure out how to put it on! There were literally 4 elders standing over our car hitting things together and pulling things apart. Eventually, we got it put on and then had to go to the car service place to fix our car door and the alignment. Well, we were there for 5 hours... Some other things: Last week, we challenged the Wallace family to have missionary moments and so we went back to their house to see how it went. Sister Wallace said, "I don't really know if this counts as a missionary moment, but..." and the proceeded to tell us this AMAZING story about a week full of miracles. 

Wednesday: we went with the Young Women to  lunch at Zupas (kind of like Panera..It's our favorite!!). We went back to the leader's house and played Gospel Charades. And then we went to ANOTHER Young Women activity and had a Mormon Message Marathon!
Mormon Message Marathon with the Young Women
It was so wonderful. I love the Spirit that those short videos bring!! That night, we didn't have a dinner appointment, so we took a much needed nap! We saw Evgyni, our Russian friend, at the Park!
Evgyni!!! Our Russian friend! (I LOVE HIM)
We try to communicate with him, but it doesn't work with words. I love him so much though! He has started blowing us kisses when we see him! Ahhh, and also, he is getting baptized this Sunday!! Sister Summerhays and I really wish that we could go, but he is doing it at the Russian ward in Salt Lake, so we won't be able to. I am so happy and excited for him, though! And so glad that we talked to him that first day in the park and we didn't give up just because he couldn't speak English!! Nothing can stop us! 

Thursday: Some things: District meeting with everyone feeling defiant about the new mission rules. A very short weekly planning session because we had to run to the Trax station so we could go to Temple Square..
Temple Square with Janie & the Daniel family!
We had an AAMMAZING time with Janie and the Daniel family at Temple Square! We talked about Temples and Eternal Families and we saw the Christus statue of Jesus Christ, which is so so beautiful! The Spirit was so strong. Then later that night, we had a lesson with someone that a member invited to meet with us. We ended up talking for a while and picking her up as a new investigator. She is so so wonderful and we see a lot of potential for her! 

Friday: We had interviews with President Eberhardt, where I just talked about how much I love my companion.... That day, we had a lesson with our investigator who hasn't been able to come to church on Sundays because she works every weekend.. We asked her how it went when she talked to her boss and she was so wonderful!!! She said that God really can do anything. When she talked to her boss, she said that there was nothing that could keep her from doing this for her children. She said, "I was so mad; I was about to quit if I couldn't get work off on Sundays!" but her boss said that she had been working every Sunday for 10 years and it was about time the schedule was switched.. So now she has every single Sunday off of work!! It's a miracle!!! 

Saturday night there was a ward party up the canyon at the Brighton Branch building. We went and ate a lot of food. Brother Daniel was cooking all of the hotdogs and hamburgers, so he made me a special burger! He is sooo so thoughtful and nice! It was this mushroom burger with brushetta and stuff on top. He is really a chef! It was so delicious! We had a lot of fun and took some pictures with our favorite members.

Sunday: Our investigator came to church with her daughter and they both loved it!!! Janie came to church in a skirt!! Sister Greenwall made us zucchini bread. And I got my call from President Eberhardt telling me that I will be training another new missionary!! 

Sister Summerhays, Janie, and I after she committed to be baptized on July 27th! 
Janie's baptism is THIS SATURDAY! I am so excited and happy for her! Sister Summerhays and I are praying and begging that both of us will be able to attend, since it will be after transfers. 

What a wonderful life this is. I love HEAVENLY FATHER! He has blessed us with SSOOO MANY miracles in such a short amount of time! We have truly met people whom He has prepared! I love this gospel! It is true true true!! 
I will miss Sister Summerhays with all of my heart. I am not looking forward to training, but that's because I am a brat.
"Brat".. Just like me!
I am sure that it will be completely fine! annnnddd... Happy Pioneer Day! (That's a Utah holiday).. 

All my love!

Cottonwood Zone after morning workout

Retiring my ole missionary shoes

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