Another transfer... and carmel apples!

We have transfers tomorrow. We just got a phone call from President Eberhardt a few minutes ago. Sister Kiser answered the phone. President likes to do small talk, which drives us CRAZY, because we always know something's up! ...Just tell us! So he asked for me. And then he buttered me up a little bit and I closed my ears and waited for the real news. He asked me to be a trainer again. I said, "Ohh brother!" and then "Yes, of course." So I will find out at the transfer meeting tomorrow who I will be with. We haven't gotten a phone call today telling us who is staying in the area and who is leaving. Sister Kiser was crying when I hung up the phone. We hugged for like 5 minutes! Ahhh. I just love my little baby.

My week at a glance...
Our numbers were absolutely dismal, but there are things we did that weren't represented by our key indicators. We had 8 active member lessons. We did several service activities. We worked a lot with the leadership of each ward. We taught a lot of less-actives. We asked for so many referrals!! Everything we've done has been in faith that eventually they will result in non-member lessons. We are doing what the prophet and apostles have suggested. We are the generation of missionaries and members. I am starting to realize what kind of changes we are facing. We are putting our faith forward, decreasing lessons with people who aren't progressing, and focusing on helping these members be missionaries. 

Tuesday: We had a lesson with a less-active boy this week. He was telling a story and said, "and then I came out... Do you know what that means?" and I said, "..Like you're homosexual?" and he said, "Yeah," and I said, "Yeah, of course we know what that means. We're not martians." We all laughed.
That night, we went to a Relief Society activity. They gathered things for a less-wealthy elementary school to make a Christmas shop so the kids could pick presents for their families. Nancy and Noelia were there. We had so much fun. I love those ladies! (You HAVE to meet them when you come, Mom!) There were tons of cool beads and string so we all made little bracelets for the shop.

Wednesday: We went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. Sister Matherian came to my area and Sister Kiser went to another sister's area. Sister M. and I are probably the WORST combination, but that's just because of our dietary restrictions. She can't have gluten or dairy, and I don't eat meat!
Exchanges with Sister Materian
But miraculously, both of our meals were edible! 
We had a lesson with Nancy. I LOVE HER! She's so funny. She was telling us about how when she was growing up, she had a pet goat named Becky. "Bbbbb-ecky".. She would let Becky ride in the back seat of her car with some straw. She would take Becky to the drive thru and buy her an icecream cone. And everyone would say, "Here come Nancy and Becky." hahahah

That evening, we made caramel apples with the Young Women. They turned out really good! I made one for me, and one for Sister Kiser. We ended up taking them to district meeting and the elders ate all of them! 

John, who gave us each copies of "The Infinite Atonement"
I am running out of time, but this member we are working with bought Sister Kiser and I each a copy of this book called the Infinite Atonement! 
Oh! And! Sister Kiser and I spoke in 3 meetings on Sunday! 2 sacrament talks (I talked about Shane in mine!) and we spoke in Priesthood in front of the high priests and elders. After every single meeting, so many people came up and told us how great we were! I love being a missionary!

Everything will be different next week! Wish me luck! Love youuu!

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