Ariel meets Uriel

My saying this week has been: "Imma kill you like Moroni."
And here we go.

Monday consisted of: letter writing; dinner & Family Home Evening with the Otts (their daughter is on a mission, serving with Sister Bown, my MTC companion going to Poland!); & "Mama drama" as Elder Jarvis calls it. 

Tuesday: New missionary training. Lesson with investigator Sister Chase, who loves to talk! She claims herself as a "Prayer Warrior." Totally amazing. 
That night, we went to a Relief Society activity in the 26th ward so we could get to know the women. There were 4 stations: Halloween, soup & social, Health & wellness, & General Conference. We stayed at the stations with the food & the socializing.

Wednesday: Visiting teaching with 2 sisters. 
OYMing a man named URIEL. I told him, "That's like my name, but with an A!" and then forgot all about it. We gave him a Book of Mormon and I wrote him a note & signed it from the Sister missionaries, leaving him our phone number. So later we got a text from an unknown number saying: "Hi, is this Ariel?" I was a little spooked because I always go by "Sister Wall"... Then we got another text, saying it was Uriel! He was thanking us for the Book of Mormon! 
I have been a little sickly this week, but the elders have been so good. They got me a giant bottle of Nyquil, emphasizing that "A little bit of Nyquil is good, so a lot of Nyquil must be great!"

Thursday: Zone meeting. Elder Clark brought back the "Boulder" mentality from the SLC South mission! I was cheering! Sister Talbert was a little bit scared about me getting an extra boulder.. haha. 
Sister Talbert and I were not having any luck contacting referrals, so we said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father where we should go. We thought about a referral for this man named Bob and decided to visit. His dear, sweet wife let us in. She is an active member. They are an older couple. They are so cute. Bob is SO stubborn... But so am I!!! We talked to him about church and he told us that he's been to the primary programs to see his grandchildren. I asked if he's ever felt the Spirit there and he said No. I asked Why not and he answered, "Because I don't want to." hahah. I loveee him! I just love him to death and it seems crazy, but I have so much faith for him. I SEE HIM IN WHITE. I see him as he can become. We continued to talk to him and I opened up to Alma 32. We talked about a Seed of Faith and he agreed to let us come back!!
That night, we went to a RS/YW/Primary meeting with all of the leaders. They had separate meetings and they were all decorated so adorably. I can't get over how crafty everyone is! You would fit in here, mom!

Friday: Raking leaves for a woman with an amputated foot. Putting our investigator on DATE for BAPTISM! Lesson with Recent Convert, Jacob. We asked, "Where do you think we were before we were born?" His answer was: "Ohio!"
Biking up a mountain to our dinner appointment!
Taking a caramel apple with Seeds of Faith to Bob! My favorite.

Saturday: We met a 100-year-old man! It was his birthday.
We met a depressed lady from Uruguay, who loved us.
TSHERING'S BAPTISM! It was so so so so good! So great. So wonderful. I absolutely love her. She is sweet and sincere and humble. There were so many people who came to support her!

Sunday: Tshering's confirmation! 
Teaching Primary to be "Boulder!" Doing roleplays, introducing them to missionary moments, letting them hold our boulders and be BOLD!
Bob came to church! He saw us and said, "These are my girls!" Love him!
Our stake president came up to me and said, "I talked to your mission president. He said that there is one stake president who is really mad at me for stealing you away." 

I know there isn't much substance to this email, but I am not very motivated to type at the moment. I love this work. I love the Lord. I love being a missionary. I am so glad I get to be on my mission for 3 more years! (Feeling...hopeful). 

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  1. Three more years? Ariel, you are so dear. I love to read about your life as a missionary. You have done a great job for the Lord. I am proud to know you and I pray for you often. Love. Ruby