Conference week!

I am emailing at a snail's pace today! So many things to say and I have no idea how to say them all! I will try to write about the most significant parts of my week! Here I go...

Tuesday: Sister Kiser and I went over to see the triplets of the woman we've been doing service for. They are so tiny! 
There was a no-show for our dinner appointment, so we went to Zupas for soup! It's been very cold, so we are always craving soup!
Sister Kiser and I made a positive/negative list about our lives and threw away the negatives. We taped the positives on our bathroom mirror and wrote some positive affirmations on our mirror. 
Encouraging notes on the mirror
Wednesday: We contacted a non-member with an LDS boyfriend. She was super sweet and said she is really busy but would let us come back if she has time. Well, later we got a text message (long story) from the other sisters, giving us the number of her boyfriend and saying he wanted to talk to us! He is convinced that this is the perfect time for her to take the lessons! We are so excited for her!
All week, we didn't have any dinner appointments, so we asked Sister Bennett if we could have dinner with her family. She is remodeling her house, but she made us dinner and we ate outside, just the three of us! So sweet.
That night, Bishop Haslam set up a teaching appointment with a LA woman and her non-member daughter. He taught a simple lesson about the Holy Ghost being our personal compass. We explained about the Liahona in the Book of Mormon and the bishop asked if she would like us to teach her so that she can be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. She said yes! 

Thursday: We have been reading the Adjusting to Missionary Life handbook and it suggested that we drink 6-12 cups of water a day! So we have accepted the challenge! That day, I drank 11 cups of water! 
We got a phone call from a non-member we scheduled a lesson with. We thought she was very uninterested and was calling to cancel, but she left a message on our phone, rescheduling with a specific day and time. What a pleasant surprise!

Friday: Service for the triplet family. Cleaning out and organizing their closet.. So satisfying!
That night, we found out one of our recent converts had an opposite-sex friend coming in from out of town and was going to let him stay at her house. Sister Kiser and I went over and schemed with the Christensens, her fellowship family. Eventually, we had to let her use her agency, but we had so much fun coming up with ideas to kick him out. Before we left, though, we took a picture of all of us and texted it to her saying, "We are thinking of you! We love you!" Brother Christensen wanted to add, "Have an appropriate evening," but his wife wouldn't let him. hahahha.

Saturday: We watched General Conference! SOOOO GOOOOOOD. I love the prophet. I love the apostles. I love the Lord. I love the gospel. The Spirit was so Strong. Ahh.
We watched the morning session with members and the afternoon session with our LA sister who likes for us to sing. Her LA son joined us. After it was over, we shared a spiritual thought and her son sang a hymn with us and then he said the closing prayer! Miracles!
Sister Kiser and I contacted a referral that evening and she opened up the door, SOO uninterested. She said, "Why are you here??" and we explained. After a minute, she was being such a stinkpot and I finally asked, "Why are you so wary of us?" I wanted to tell her to chill out, but I stopped myself. 
We were contacting a part-member family. The parents are less-active and have 2 non-member children, both age 10. We stop by occasionally, always greeted with excuses as to why it is not a good time. We are always told to call, which never follows through with an actual conversation. Saturday evening, we stopped by and the husband told us they were eating dinner. We left and an hour later, we returned, telling him that we just needed 15 minutes and that now was as good of a time as any other. Finally, he let us in! We had a brief, simple lesson with the children about prayer and the Holy Ghost. We asked if they would let us come back to teach them and bring the Holy Ghost with us; both children shouted, "Yes!" We are persistent sisters!

Sunday: We went to the sassy Passey's for the morning session of General Conference. We ate waffles for breakfast. So yum!
Sunday afternoon session of General Conference with Syd Morrow, Nancy, and Noelia
Then we went downtown to watch Conference with Syd Morrow and two of our recent converts, Nancy and Noelia. Well.. Here is what I wrote from the Conference center: "What an adventure! We are inside the Conference Center with Syd Morrow, Nancy, and Noelia. In the car on the way over, I gave Noelia and Sister Kiser their tickets and kept 3 with me. I don't know why, but I just did it! Well one ticket was lost (Sister Kiser's ticket) so Sister Kiser and I went back to the car to find it, but we couldn't. We said a prayer and began to walk back to the Conference Center. We saw Elder Gonzales and his companion from the South Mission. We told them what happened and asked them if they had an extra ticket, but they didn't. Then a couple at the stoplight with us gave us an extra ticket! Miracle."

Much loveee! 

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