Thanksgiving week

I feel like I have very few things to update about, but there have been such great and wonderful things in the past few days!!

Our new best friend, Turk!
Thanksgiving was wonderous! We spent the afternoon with Bishop and Sister Jones. I love that beautiful couple! It has been said about Bishop Jones and I that "he has met his match," i.e, I am just as sarcastic and witty as he has a reputation of being! 
We played games and snacked for a few hours and then went to a family in the 3rd ward, the Clawsons. They had a lot of family over and it was so sweet of them to invite us, but a little overwhelming! By the end, Sister Talbert and I were exhausted of food and talking to people. We went home and did absolutely nothing on the couch! We went to bed the earliest I've ever been on my mission! It felt so nice! 

Friday, we got a text from Eva that she was in the Hospital!! She wasn't feeling well and had to get some X-rays and things... But before we could even ask, she sent us a text saying, "I'm still getting baptized!" Ahh! I love her!

Saturday was a wonderful, gongshow, perfect, busy day! We started the morning in Bishop Jones' office. Bishop and Brother Colemere, our Ward Mission Leader, gave Charles (Eva's husband) the Priesthood! A beautiful sight!
Afterwards, we went to Temple Square with our other investigator and her member husband. She has progressed a lot! She goes to church every week, has a calling, Hometeaches with her husband, and has been reading the Book of Mormon. 

That evening, we had dinner with some members and the non-member grandpa was there. He was telling us that he completely believes that Church is true but will wait to be baptized when he is dead. It made absolutely no sense. We asked what was stopping him from being baptized and he said that it never fit into his plans. I asked, "What are you doing tonight? The font is filled! Will you come and be baptized tonight?" I was completely avoiding looking at his daughter, because I could tell that she was horrified! hahah. Sadly...He didn't get baptized, but that would've been an amazing story, hey? 

With Eva and Charles
After dinner, we went to the church for EVA'S BAPTISM!! Yayya! It was a wonderful evening! She was so nervous and the water and baptism because she has really bad knees and Charles has a bad back. We assured them that it would be fine. When it came time for the baptism, Eva had to go under FOUR times! Ohh, poor Eva! But Sister Talbert and I stood on the side of the font right there and gave her encouragement all throughout! Every time they thought she went under, she had an elbow out or some other part of her. They ended up having another man go into the font in a jumpsuit and help her go under and come back up. Oh my my, what an adventure! She was so clean! 

Sunday: Eva's confirmation. The old directors from the Family Tree, Elder and Sister Mulford, called me!! I LOVE THEM! That night, we went to the "Messiah" production with Cecy. It is a choir/orchestra performance. 

Well.. I don't know what else to say! I love my mission. I love the Lord. We are finding a lot of potential investigators but somehow, they are all situations that we need to be "patient" with. So that is what I am working on.. My patience. 
Love you all! Happy HOLLADAYS!

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