Homesick… no… just home sick!

Ahhh! What a week! Not very much to update because I was at home sick most of the week!

All during the day on Monday, I was feeling SO sick! Ick! I didn't eat all day and then I started vomiting. Cecy, our landlady took me to Instacare in the evening, and on the way there, I vomited into a bag in her car :( Not fun! They gave me an IV at the hospital and gave me some medicine for nausea that didn't help much. We had the elders and one of their great bishops come and give me a Priesthood blessing.

Tuesday, Cecy's friend, Alana, came over to "babysit" me! Sister Talbert spent the day going out with members and ward missionaries.
Sister Zeiner came to the Valley for some meetings and so she stayed the night at our house! She was my companion all evening until Sister Talbert came home & we were in a trio. I had so much fun catching up with "Zeinee"! 

Wednesday, I still was at home, not eating. Cecy sat on the couch with me all day & asked me her "deep doctrine" questions. It was so funny; she said she knew that her questions wouldn't "shake" me and so she could talk to me about them. She's totally wild; I just love her. At the end of our 3 hour long conversation, she said something to the effect of, "I am so glad I can talk to you about these things. You have a very strong testimony and I know you will not budge!" She said that she knows Sister Talbert and I were sent to her from God.

By Thursday, I was so tired of staying in! Cecy kept telling me that I was not allowed to leave. I decided to stay home in the morning, until Sister Talbert's doctor's appointment in the afternoon, and then I would go out and work! I got permission from the mission president and started reading The Power of Everyday Missionaries. It is so good! I highly recommend it. 
In the evening, we went to a wonderful Christmas party. The primary did a nativity play and it was really cute.

Friday, we had Zone meeting. Went to Great Harvest as a district and got free lunch from some women there! We did Weekly Planning at home. Then we visited this active member family from Sudan. They are learning to speak English and they are SOOO sweet. They are so humble and wonderful. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with them in English. The husband loves us! He told me that he wants to take me to Sudan! haha. 
We had dinner with the wonderful Walker family and talked to them about their missionary efforts. They have such great desires to spread the gospel! They gave us a gift of waffle mix and syrup! 
That night, we visited a Relief Society president. She was great. We offered to make her calling easier by making visits to people she hasn't gotten around to seeing. She was grateful for the help! She made so many phone calls to women and set up appointments to fill out agenda for the next day! 

Saturday, we were party animals. We went party hopping to 3 ward Christmas parties. We drove in the snow. We started singing Christmas carols during all of our visits.

Sunday, Sister Talbert and I got to speak in the Care Center branch. All of the old people were so friendly and sweet. 
That afternoon, we visited with a less-active couple who are preparing to get sealed in the temple in two weeks!! We are so excited to start working with them! 
We went to Bishop Doxey's for dinner and watched the Christmas devotional with them. 
Afterwards, we went to Tshering's and visited with her.

What a wonderful season! My testimony is growing stronger each day. I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. It is the foundation of my testimony. I have witnessed the truthfulness of that book each time I read it! The Spirit testifies to me that it is from the Lord. We are so fortunate to have the restored gospel. If we accept the Atonement, Christ will lift us higher than we can lift ourselves! I love my family. I love my friends. I love these wonderful Utah citizens. I love Jesus Christ. I know that all things are given to us according to our faith. I pray and pray and pray to strengthen my faith every day. I want to find those who have been prepared to receive the gospel. 

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