A great day to be a sister missionary!

Hello hello Mutti!

As always, this week has been wild. We had a district meeting on Tuesday & our two zone leaders from Cottonwood came up. They gave the whole zone a challenge to find a total of 10 new investigators by that night. They said to pretend that if you didn't find a new investigator that day, you would get sent home the next morning. So Sister Zeiner & I worked really diligently all day long. Everyone we talked to, we expected them to become our new investigator, but as it turned 8:30 and we hadn't found anybody, we started to get so sad! Every 10 minutes, the zone leaders were calling & leaving messages about new investigators that were being found & they were counting down the minutes left in the night. At 8:45, we started to drive home. Sister Zeiner was on the phone with a member & someone else started calling. We got so excited, and anxious! Hoping that the call coming in would be our miracle that we had been waiting for. Sister Zeiner tried to wrap up the conversation, but the member kept talking and so we missed the call. When she hung up, it was 8:50, and we listened to the message. It was from one of our former investigators, saying that she wanted us to come over if we were in the neighborhood. We drove straight to her apartment and good ole Scratch (that's what our Family Tree director calls Satan..lol) good ole Scratch didn't want us to see her because every single parking spot was taken! Finally, we just parked in a driveway a little ways away & we RAN across the parking lot, up 4 flights of stairs, and knocked on her door, completely out of breath. She told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon & going to church & was ready to prepare to be baptized! It was such an amazing end to the night. I will always always always remember running next to Sister Zeiner, laughing our heads off, just praying so hard that we would find our miracle. 

On Wednesday, Sister Walker FINALLY got her new companion (after 2 weeks as a solo sister!) The new sister's name is Sister Alexander. She is really great & speaks fluent Spanish already. 

Friday, the diner next door had this new cellphone app. promotion going on. The two business guys who were advertising the app. were return missionaries & they were paying for everyone's lunches! All you had to do was look at how the app. worked & then they would pay for anything you ordered! It was pretty cool. We had a lot of lessons scheduled for Friday and only ONE cancelled! That never happens! It was a really good day.

Sunday was Sister Missionaries' Day! We went to a sacrament meeting at 9 and the other at 11. There were 2 sisters giving their farewell talks, 2 sisters announcing their mission calls, and the sisters from the Temple Square mission came to perform musical numbers and do the sacrament talks. Then we ate dinner with the McClaws family (who are super cool vegetarians!) and their daughter, Sarah, who I love so dearly, who is going on a mission this summer to London, England. It was a great day to be a sister missionary. 
We have been teaching this less active couple for a few weeks now, committing them to come to church every Sunday, but something always would come up. They are a bit older and have some health problems, so it has been hard for them to go for a while, but they both really wanted to get active in the church again. Well this Sunday, we were expecting so many people to come to church. Sister Zeiner and I were waiting for our investigators, who all ended up bailing on us a few minutes before church started. We were feeling kind of bummed, to be honest, but then I saw the less active woman we have been teaching, walking up to the front doors! I ran over & gave her a big hug! Her husband came in after parking the car & we all sat together for sacrament. Sister Zeiner and I were so so happy! After we've done everything we can do, and just when we feel like our efforts have been wasted, the Lord has shown us so many tender mercies! 

I hope that you are having a great week! I love you!
<3 Sister Wall

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