So it is Monday again. We got news that we are allowed to email our friends, whereas before we could only email our families. And we can email for an hour and a half, instead of just an hour! So that is cool.

Here are some things that happened last Pday: I accidentally vacuumed Sister Zeiner's glove at the carwash; I tried to throw my orange peel out the window & I accidentally punched Sister Zeiner in the face... Just a few of the highlights. 

We have been doing a lot of work with Less Actives this past week. Tuesday, unintentionally, we tracted into a man who told us that he has been less active for quite some time. I shared with him the scripture about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis burying their weapons of war and urged him that now is time for him to bury his vices. We spoke with him a little bit more and I thought to ask him what his last name was. He told us his full name and I realized that I had heard his name before! We had received his name from a member in the ward who was concerned about him, but we didn't have any more information than that. It was more than "coincidence" that we tracted into his home and that we had heard his name before! 

Wednesday, Sister Walker's companion did not come!.. She is STILL waiting for a companion! 
This man came into the Family Tree to do family history work & I found out that he just moved to Jeremy Ranch, which is our proselyting area! He is now our new investigator!
Thursday morning, Sister Zeiner & Summerhays were going to the Salt Lake temple, because they'd never been before, so we went on exchanges the night before. I stayed in the Family Tree with Sister Walker & Sister Marlow & we had a lot of fun.

Thursday, I worked at the Family Tree allll day long! In the evening, I went out teaching with Sister Walker. I think my Spanish is becoming muy bueno. 

What a wonderful and blessed week it has been! Sister Zeiner and I had dropped all of our investigators because they were not progressing, and we were on the search for new people to teach. Friday, we worked so diligently. We used every minute effectively and our motto all day long was "work like it's 8:30 p.m." (At 8:30 p.m. you are always in a rush to find just one more person to teach!) When it was literally 8:30 p.m., we knocked on the door of Murry, a man who had told us to "come back another time." The man who answered the door was not Murry, and when we asked, he said that Murry had moved back to Jamaica. As we talked with this man who was not Murry, we found that he had a serious need for the gospel! He told us about the trials that he had been going through and we testified from the scriptures that he could be happy again. He accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said that he looked forward to meeting with us again! 

Yesterday, we had a really good sacrament meeting. I felt the Spirit so strongly from the talks and a musical number that was performed. I am just so thankful to be a member of this church. It brings me such happiness & I know that it is true. I am so glad to be a missionary serving the Lord!
Then in the afternoon yesterday, Sister Cutler, one of the sisters who just finished her mission came into the Tree to visit us! She came in with her family and we talked to her about how her real life is going. She is doing really well. We were so excited to see her! 

Everything is going well. I love you with all of my heart! You are the best mom a girl could ask for! I miss you so much!

Sister Wall

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