Happy almost Easter! Woo hoo!

Happy almost Easter! Woo hoo!

Sorry for not writing you an actual letter last week! I have done it (I think) every week, but last week we were playing a game called Headbandz! You wear this headband with a person, place, or thing on it and you get to ask everyone else Yes or No questions to try to find out what is on your headband. It was really fun and I didn't get a chance to write any letters. Sorry!

On Tuesday, I gave the spiritual thought at our district meeting. I talked about the Christlike attribute of Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I mainly focused on Alma 7. Alma talks about the Atonement of Christ and in verse 15, he says to the people to "Come and fear not." He tells them to "Lay aside every sin which binds you down to destruction." I really love the fact that the Atonement gives us the opportunity to get rid of those heavy feelings we tend to carry around. We break things that alone cannot fix. But anyway, that was my spiritual thought mostly, and my district leader has been thanking me for it all week :) I think I did OK!

On Thursday, Melanie Cottam, a woman who oversees all of the Church visitors' centers in the world, came into the Tree and did a training. It was really good and I learned a lot of ways that I can improve. Sometimes you get into the routine of giving a tour, but it's so important to remember that every person who comes in has individual needs and concerns. 

One of the less-active couples that we are working with are progressing so much! They have been reading in the Book of Mormon and going to church again. the sister had to go in the hospital and wasn't feeling well, but when they got home, they still read in the Book of Mormon and invited us over for a lesson. Whenever I am sad that our investigators won't keep commitments, I think about the enormous steps that this couple are making and I smile. 
Also, can you believe that Friday, the 22, was my seven month mark of being on a mission? Wild!

On Saturday, we attended a funeral. The woman was a member but the service was at another church that she had been attending before her death. It was the first tie that I have seen a woman pastor.

Me & Ariana & her family!
On Sunday, we worked at the Family Tree and didn't get to go to Stake Conference. Sad! But I had a really amazing experience at the Tree. Sister Zeiner and I worked an extra half hour so that the other sisters could finish what they were doing. Someone walked in the front door and Sister Zeiner went to help them (when it isn't a big group, we can just give tours by ourselves). I wasn't doing anything important, so I felt like I should go stand with her anyway. As I walked to the front of the center, I saw a familiar face!! Ariana, a youth who was in my group at EFY last summer, was standing there with her mom! I was so so happy! What a wonderful surprise! :)

Anyhow, I am glad that your Community Dinner went well. Good job! 
I am looking forward to meeting the senior couple if they are still serving there! 
Your branch conference sounds wonderful. 
I am so so happy about Michael! I have been praying for him every morning and night! ( He and Adam are always part of my 21 day promise).. Tell them both that I say Hi and that I love them!
Good job on your personal progress! You'll get it before I do! ;) 
I had a dream about my birthday the other night! It was the best. In my dream, someone had made me a milkshake. I was drinking my milkshake and dancing. Also, I was watching Harry Potter on one TV and It's A Wonderful Life on another TV. (Just an idea for future birthday parties)

I love you so much! Hope that all is well! I miss you so so so!

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