Ariel shares her testimony!

"We are really in America!" - Sister V

I'm excited for Shane to turn in his mission papers! It's like getting called all over again! haha. What if he comes to Salt Lake??! ahahah.

My testimony of the Savior increases each day. I have found so much strength in Him that I could not have without Him. I am finding that people can always look for faults with some doctrine or another, but as I study the life of Christ, I am better able to recognize this as HIS church. This church is different from every other because we have the restored Priesthood authority; to me, that means that this is the only church in which Jesus Christ is actively leading and guiding the people. He isn't crying out from the dust like the prophets of old; he is literally speaking to us through a modern prophet. I am getting tired of being told that I am "indoctrinated" into my beliefs. The way that I feel, even in the moment that I am writing this, is enlightened. It is enlightenment from a Spirit that can only testify of truths. I know that this is the only church with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am SO grateful to be able to wear His name beneath mine every single day. 

Pillow cases from Sister Thorum!
Tuesday, Sister Thorum gave Sister V and I pillowcases that she made us! They are so cute. We found out about transfers that day, too. I am in the same area with the same companion. This transfer is only 4 weeks long though. The next one is 8 weeks!

Pillow cases applied
We did service three times this week! Monday, we did FHE and helped a family pack. Tuesday, we did yard work. Wednesday, we had dinner with the sisters from Park City East and did some cleaning and "organizing" with them. You know how I clean!!! The lady was kind of a hoarder and had SO much paper. Well every time she went out of the room or turned her back, I would whisper to Sister Willis to give me more stuff to throw away! It was honestly junk and she wouldn't miss it, so I was taking handfuls and handfuls away! hahah. Anytime Sister Willis was unsure about something, I'd throw it away. Ahah. 
Wednesday was my 9 month mark!! Oo-Oooh! (ask Shane to do the Baby Mama thing)
Sister V studying multiple scriptures, haha.

Pretty uneventful week! Love you!!!

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  1. I enjoyed your testimony Sister Ariel Wall. It has been such a long time since I have seen you. I'm really proud of you for your service to the Lord for two years. May you have a most successful mission.