A third companion.. and other strange events!

This week has been SO wonderful! It has been spiritually uplifting, a complete gongshow, and a memorable week for sure!

Monday: Gongshow. Sister Kiser and I spent nearly an hour at Walmart's photocenter. I printed all of the pictures from Nancy's baptism and made her a baptism book. We got free Italian ice at Rita's and didn't have time for much else. We scheduled 2 teaching appointments before our Pday was over... because, well, we'd rather be teaching. 
That night we had Family Home Evening with the Monsons. We played Gospel Charades and had a great time. Sister Monson's actions were suuuch a stretch from the words. My favorites that she acted out were: "Garden-O-Eating" (Garden of Eden) and "Three -SOUNDS LIKE- 'Ping Pong'" (3 Kingdoms)...  We had dinner and an icecream sundae bar afterwards.
FHE with the Monsens
Monday evening we got a call from President Eberhardt. He said, "Would you like a roommate?" We said yes, and he told us that we would be in a trio for a week!

Tuesday: Sister Kiser and I picked up our new companion at the mission office... SISTER HOFFMAN!!
Sister Kiser, Sister Hoffman and Sis Wall!
Ahhh. She was so lovely and I just felt like her mama right away! So here is the scoop on Sister Hoffman... She is one of the new NINETEEN-year-old missionaries that everybody loves. She got her mission call to the Malaga, Spain Mission. She was supposed to go to the Spain MTC but she didn't get her visa, so she went to the Provo MTC. She finished after 6 weeks and still didn't get her visa so she was assigned to the SLC East mission, specifically in Wyoming. After a week, her visa arrived, but she couldn't go to Spain for another week, so we got reassigned to come live with us! We were so so excited to have her! We jumped right into work and she was SO great about it! She went along with the flow of everything. We didn't even drop off her bags, we went right to a service project. We were laughing and working and having fun the whole day. 
That evening, we found out that ANOTHER one of our investigators went to jail... It's becoming a pattern.
Later, there was a conference where Elder Allen of the 70's spoke to the church ward council auxiliary leaders in this area about missionary work and hastening the work. It was so stinkin' good! Some of my favorite lines: (Regarding members) "'I'll go where you want me to go... Over mountain, or plain, or sea..' But not across the street..." ...(Regarding members saying that their neighbors aren't ready to receive missionaries) "'Maybe someday' is NOT hastening the work!"... "Success is based on whether or not I invite on a regular basis." 

Wednesday: We forgot and remembered (were reminded) that we would have companion studies with the district leader and his companion. We showed up late and were kind of a gongshow, but it was effective in the end!
Sister Hoffman, Kiser, and I contacted a referral for a nearly-deaf man. We were literally shouting and I had to keep getting closer and closer to his ear. We just stayed on the doorstep, but he accepted a Book of Mormon, and told us that we could come back the next day to talk to him more!
That evening, Sister Hoffman and I went on splits and Sister Kiser went out with Allie.
Splits with Allie!
Sister Hoffman and I went to a lesson up the canyon in the Brighton Branch. The Ward Mission Leader set it up, so we rode with him, his wife, and the elders' quorum president. They set up a lesson with this guy who was a competitor on the TV show, "The Voice". His voice coach was USHER!!!!! (Anyone who knows me knows he's ma boyyy!) ...I was strictly business though and didn't even ask about it! Also, I found out that he sings on some of the EFY cds! (I have to admit, I did ask about that a little bit!) Well anyway, the man is a member who hasn't been very active in the past 2 years, but still comes to the branch every now and then. He served his mission in Portugal and it turns out that Sister Hoffman grew up speaking Portuguese because her mom is from Brazil! So they got to speak to each other a little bit and that was really cool! We had a good little lesson.

Thursday we had a lot of meetings; splits again; Sister Hoffman tripped over the sidewalk a lot and I fell on the ground laughing; and someone paid for the district's lunch!

Friday: Ohhh myyyy myyyy... We did service for the triplet mom. 
We had a lesson with the nearly-deaf man!! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he was able to hear most of it! I was so excited to teach him because he kept saying that he didn't know what his purpose was or why he is here. I said, "I am so excited to teach you about resurrection because you will have your hearing back!" and he said, "Is that true?" and I said, "Yes!" and he said in a hopeful voice, "No...It's not..." and I said, "Yes! I know it's true because the Spirit has witnessed it to me," and we told him to pray about it. He said that he would have a lot of things to ask Heavenly Father about. We are meeting with him again tomorrow!
We didn't go on splits, because it was sooo rainyy, but Allie came out with us. 
That night, we had the most STTTRAANNNGE experience......... Well, first of all. The elders had sent us a media referral for someone in our area who wanted a copy of the Bible, so the elders gave us this super nice, brand new Bible to give to him. Well, Sister Hoffman, Sister Kiser, and I decided to stop by at the end of the night and give him the Bible and try to schedule an appointment with him. We show up and it is dark out and no one is answering the door for a minute. Then we see a shadow walk by the window. Expecting to meet an old man, instead a teenage boy in underwear answers the door... Only underwear! And not even boxers! I wasn't completely positive that he was in underwear because I was trying sooo hard to only look at his face. He said, "Can I just have the book and not have this conversation? I'm in my underwear." ..That's when I knew that he was really in his underwear.
Oh myyyyy
Saturday: We got a text from "Underwear guy"..officially claiming himself as "underwear guy". We didn't answer because we were in studies, but he called us and I said, "Hi, this is Sister Wall," and he said, "This is..Ryan." haha. 
Sister Hoffman, Sister Kiser, and I got a media referral so we went to the house and found out that the referral was ... Guess where she was? ...in jail! We are setting records here.
That night, we had stake conference. I LOVE THIS STAKE! I love going and knowing everyone. When I go home, I just want to know everyone, everywhere! The talks were SO AMAZING. One of my favorites was given by this woman who was less-active for 25 years and then came back into the church! It was so powerful! I thought of Michael and Adam the whole time. I just love my brothers SO much!! She challenged us to think of someone who is less-active and then remember them as she told of her experience. I have such high hopes for my brothers. I knowww that the Lord knows them! And he is watching over them. She said, "3 people never gave up on me: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and my daughter... Be one of these people for those you love." I will never give up on Michael or Adam! I know that they will be active again someday. They know it's true. They love the Lord. He loves them. 
There were 2 other speakers, including fellowshippers for our recent-converts. They told about their teaching experiences with us and I felt the Spirit so strongly. I love the member missionaries. 
Some things that President Hicken said that I love: "Become a disciple of Christ like you never have before." ... "Can we tell Christ anything at all about suffering?...We cannot teach him anything. We are so forgetful and rebellious." (<<<That definitely resonated with me!")... 

Sunday: We had breakfast with the Passeys.. Waffles and ice cream!!! Then we went to Regional Conference! We saw a broadcast of a few of the church leaders. 

We had dinner with the Jarmans, the entire Gautney family came! Nancy, Noelia and Scott, Lorraine and Amelie! 
It was Sister Hoffman's last night in the USA! We put on red lips, laughed and played, and had a lot of fun.
Ladies in red
Today!!: Sister Hoffman left bright and early. I miss her already!!!!! 
Sister Kiser and I got to go to the temple with our entire zone. Salt Lake City temple! So beautiful! I love it there. 
The district
I love life. This email is 100 years long. I miss you all. Love you! <3

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