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Cool trees!
This is going to be a speedy email (hopefully!) I will try to give the highlights! Hopefully the pictures can explain! 
Transfer update: Sister Kiser and I are staying together in our stake! Woo!

Monday: Mission activity in Brighton.
Brighton Hike with Sister Willis & Sister Summerhays, my BFFs!
Saw my Park City sisters and my bestfriends. Went on a scavenger hunt with Sister Summerhays. We were scavengering for Sister Willis.. We found her! Sister Eberhardt gave us all Salt Lake City East shirts, color-coded according to zone.
After Pday, Sister Kiser and I went on a neighborhood walk with Sister Mackelprang, this adorable, sweet lady. She took us around the block to meet a lot of her neighbors. She is pretty unsteady and almost blind so we held her hands as we walked slowly. 
That night, we did Family Home Evening with a member family and Nancy, Noelia, and Amelie. It was so fun! They showed a video, had a treat, did an activity, had the little boy conduct and everything!

This is just a glimpse of how beautiful SLC is!!! 
Went on a morning walk to wake Sister Kiser up! Saw a mama pup & 7 wrinkly babes. They crawled all over us and bit our skirts and were completely adorable. Later, met Frank from Hungary, a non-member. He said he would be baptized if we can convince his daughter to serve a mission! Challenge accepted!
That night, when we went home, Sister Kiser and I thought that there was a murderer in our house... There wasn't.

Wednesday: Sister Ashworth gave us SOOO much food! We super needed it because we had absolutely no food (at the end of the month, money gets a little tight!). She is so so sweet and gave us two whole boxes of healthy, delicious food! What an angel.
Boxes full of food from Sister Ashworth!!! <3
Grace showed us her art portfolio. She is so so talented!!
The talented Sister Grace Thorton
That evening, we went to Temple Square with Nancy, Amelie, Noelia, and Sister Ashworth drove. Such a fun and spiritual experience! Nancy's baptism is this Saturday! Yayyy!
Temple Square with Nancy and Noelia!
Thursday: Zone workout at the park. Zone meeting... Flashlight tag... Injuries... An elder ran right into me and squished my toes and threw my back out of alignment. Dangerous game, and only kind-of worth it. 

Friday: Zone conference with Elder Arnold of the Seventies. Amazing guidance and direction! 

Saturday: So many strange things. A dog almost ate me through the fence. A boy with a half-shaved-half swoopy-haired head talked to us at the door and Sister Kiser and I ran to the car, I said, "Get in the car, Kiser!" and we busted out laughing. Sister Kiser was laugh-crying. So good. Day full of OYMs and door approaches. That evening, Sister Kiser and I OYMed a girl and her mom playing volleyball and Sister Kiser taught the girl how to serve!
Back problems started to arise out of nowhere! 

Sunday: Meeting with President Hicken! Hastening the work!! My very favorite thing he said, "We are not hastening the work just to hasten the work.. We are preparing for the coming of the Lord." He is sooo good. He always says, "We are doing good, but we can do better." I am so grateful to be in this stake. 
Sister Kiser and I taught gospel essentials. People were crying! (From the spirit, not because it was awful).
Brother Passey, our highcouncilman over missionary work, who is also a physical therapist, did crazy things to my back to help it feel better. It's starting to improve slightly. He showed me a few stretches that I can do to help it stop hurting.
That evening, we saw Sister Mackelprang again. She told Sister Kiser and I to tell our moms that we are wonderful people. We said, we will tell them that you are a wonderful person, and she said, No, tell them that you are wonderful people! She is so stinkin' cute.
We also met these 2 kids who are super enthusiastic about missionary work!! They are so missionary-minded and could be on the LDS website. It's amazing.

Today.. Happy Labor Day! Also, Sister Walker, our landlady's birthday. 
Love you all! Happy Holiday!
Love, Sister Wall
The beautiful Salt Lake temple!!

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  1. Hi Ariel. You are a super missionary. I took one of my students to my dentist today. She needed a tooth pulled and she had no money. I put a BOM, a triple volume, and a Truth Restored book in a bag. As we were leaving the exam room, I told the nurse to give Dr. Charlton the bag and let him choose a book to read. I told her to take one herself and let the other girls read it when she was finished. She said, "Thanks a lot." I am letting the spirit guide them. Love your blogs and can't wait to give you a big hug. Love. Ruby