RS Broadcast!

I am feeling drained of energy and very sleepy! My intentions are to make this email short, but we'll see! Everything is wonderful. Missions are exhausting. Life is perfect.

Monday: Sports Center with the elders. Raquetball with Sister Kiser! Most fun ever! Visa waiters, Sister Walker and Nielsen came to stay with us. Splits. Family Home Evening with members and the Gautneys. It was a super cute Plan of Salvation lesson for lots of little girls.

Tuesday: Sister Kiser and I had an amazing companion study that we were able to utilize all day! We had a lesson with our ward mission leader's sister and everything we studied was EXACTLY what she had questions about. The Spirit is Ah-Mazing.

Wednseday: We had a seminar on reading body language. So.. I've been interpreting the way that people use their hands all week! We had a really good mission conference that took up the whole day. 

Thursday: We got calling in district meeting. I was the "Lunch Lady." So... It's not as glamorous as it sounds.. I chose where we went to lunch! Sister Kiser and I met a lot of people who are questionable on the spectrum between completely straight and completely not. 

Friday: We found out that Evgeny's birthday was Saturday and we wouldn't be able to go over because of the Broadcast, so we decided to celebrate on Friday. (For the record, his birthday is September 28!! TWENTY EIGHT is my favorite number. Meant to be.)
Well, I made him a giant birthday card, Sister Kiser wrote things in Russian on balloons, and we wrapped up some chocolate and hot chocolate (because Evgeny loves those things!).
Kiser and Russian balloons!
We delivered them to his house and he answered the door, smiling real big! He invited us in and gave me a giant kiss on the cheek!! Despite not being able to understand each other, I could feel the Spirit testifying so strongly of God's love for all his children. I was reminded of the saying, "Preach the gospel at all times.. And when necessary, use words." I love this marvelous work!!
Sister Kiser and I contacted a house with a giant apple tree. Many of the apples had fallen, so Sister Kiser went around collecting them! haha
Kiser stealing apples
Saturday: Met an ex-polygamist. OYMed a guy who didn't dress cool, but was cool! He is reading The Happiness Project (Reminded me of you, Mama!), he was listening to Florence and the Machine, and he was returning a Redbox movie with Tina Fey! I am convinced that we will teach and baptize him! 
What a fun time!
That evening, the sisters in our mission (minus Sister Summerhays..Where were you?!) went to Salt Lake for the Relief Society Broadcast.
Women at the RS broadcast in SLC
It was soooo good! I love being in the same room as the prophet! I received so much revelation:
"The errand of angels is given to women and this is a gift that as sisters we claim." -We are given the gift to perform the errand of angels! What a marvelous and wonderful responsibility.
"Covenant-keeping is one way to express our love for the Savior and His Atonement." THIS is how I want to show appreciation... Not just on my mission, but for life!

Sunday: My district leader told me that President Eberhardt shared my last email to an entire stake at a stake Priesthood meeting! (I wrote to him about the microphone guy). 
Microphone and amp!
(See last weeks blog)
We had a Stake presidency meeting. I love these stake leaders! I never want to leave! 
Sister Kiser and I had a lesson with a set of 9-year-old twin girls. Their parents don't want to "sway them" and therefore, they know NOTHING about God, Jesus Christ, or Satan! It was wild. We showed up and the parents put us alone in a room with the girls. They told us that we could tell them about what we do, but we shouldn't give them a lesson.. After a few minutes of conversation, we decided that we would pray with them and teach them how to pray. It's just so bizarre to think that by not teaching your children anything, you are helping them! To not teach anything is a message in itself!

In church on Sunday, someone bore their testimony and said, "How many of us want to be like our mothers?" And I thought... I DO! Love you, mamma!!!

I have NO idea about BYU! Ahh! I had a dream about SRU last night and I am thinking about the reasons to go to each. I want to go to BYU for selfish reasons! The temple! The firesides! The mission friends! The members! But at SRU, I would have sooo many more missionary opportunities! I just want to be a missionary forever. I just want to be where the Lord needs me! But every time I ask the Lord where He needs me, he tells ME to choose! I don't wanna choose!

Love you soo much!!

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