Blessings from Heaven!

Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday morning, I am in a new companionship! Transfers are on Wednesday and so things are kind of crazy right now. Sister Piton's companion is going to Park City so she needed a companion for a few days... That's me! So I am in another area until we go to the Temple on Wednesday for Halloween. Crazy! Sis. Piton is really great though and I think that we will get along well.. And surprise-- I get to go to temple square again!! They were planning on taking their investigator tonight, so I get to go! So exciting. I think that this is just temporary and I will be back in my trio on Wednesday.
Last Monday, Pday, Sister Abarca, Sister Seo and I went to the chiropractor because they were both having some back/shoulder pains. He is a member and offered to do it for free. I was just sitting and writing letters but the doctor asked if I needed aligned or anything. I said no, that I wasn't having any pain and he suggested that he align me so that it could prevent pain.. Reluctantly, I laid on the table and he did weird things to my back. Well all week long, I've been in pain! No more chiropractor for me!
Last Pday we went as a zone to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. Members own it and said that we could have any pumpkins that we wanted! We each took one- Sister Abarca got a big one to carve, Sister Seo and I got little baby ones because we thought that they were cute. I sent some pictures. It was a lot of fun. Sister Abarca did most of the carving and ended up throwing the pumpkin away because we didn't want to keep it in the car. Sister Seo and I carved a tiny face into our little pumpkin and took it home. It's on the kitchen window sill :) We also took a baby pumpkin home and left it outside. So festive!
On Tuesday morning, the district leader brought blueberry pancakes to our district meeting. We didn't have plates or utensils so we ate them with our hands. I put a bunch of nutella on mine.. Mmm! There was also an announcement that we can teach lessons to members now. We are encouraged to practice our teaching with them, that way we can build trust with the members and hopefully they will want to be better missionaries themselves!
We also went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple on Tuesday. It was great! I remembered going there with you and Matt when you all were here. We went with our district. We drove two other sisters to the temple with us and dropped them off in their area when we were done. As we were leaving their home, we noticed an old woman raking leaves in her yard with her grandson. We stopped and were helping them rake and shovel the leaves into garbage cans. I was talking with the little boy as we were raking and I was asking him questions like, "So are you in Primary?" He didn't know about primary but the old woman had said she was a member. I kept talking to him, asking if he ever went to church with his grandmother. He seemed confused but kept answering my questions. Finally, I found out that he was the old woman's neighbor, not her grandson! I had been asking him questions about his grandmother and if she lived with them and about their relationship for like twenty minutes! He was probably so confused!! haha!
On Tuesday evening, we went to have one of our first lessons with members. We went to Sister Abel's, Relief Society president. After the lesson, I was talking about how heavy my bag was because I have to carry around my giant set of scriptures. She went and got a quad of a little set of scriptures. They are so tiny and light!! I thought she was going to let me borrow them-- but she told me to keep them!! I started crying!! I am so so grateful!
It has been so so fun working with Sister Seo in our companionship!! English is her second language and so sometimes things get lost in translation. Here are some things that Sister Seo is learning:: We taught her the Potty Dance song from the diaper commercials ("Do the..CLAP CLAP..Potty Dance!"), she thought that I said, "Party Dance" at first, but now she loves it...We taught her what a scarecrow is, but she pronounces it "Scare Crock"... I love her to death.
On Wednesday, we found two new investigators! One man is married to a member and he said that this is the perfect time in his life for the missionary discussions! He said that he wasn't supposed to be home the night that we stopped by, but that it was meant to be. The other man works with a member and was helping unload the truck. Sister Abarca talked to him in Spanish and we found out that he has taken the missionary discussions before and is willing to take them again. So exciting!
Also on Wednesday, we went to Sister Prows' house just to say hi. We noticed tape on her walls and asked if we could help her with service and paint her walls. Surprisingly enough, she said yes!! Members never say yes!! She left to buy paint brushes and we left to put on Pday clothes. It was so fun!
On Friday evening, we baked a cake for Sis. Abel (the one who helped us decorate her neighbor's door and also gave me the scriptures). Her birthday was Oct. 27, the next day, so we went over to her condo and decorated her door and her garage like crazy! We put tons of balloons and streamers. And the neighbor came to help us!! He lives right next door to her so he saw us and came over to hang things up high! He said that doing things like that did more for people than we realize :) Also, he went to church on Sunday! He has been reading his scriptures and praying, too. He is progressing really well!
On Friday we went to a Trunk or Treat and got tons of candy! We didn't even have to dress up!
So since Sister Seo has been living with us, I have been sleeping on a foam thing on the floor. I sleep like a rock, so it hasn't been a problem at all. Well Sis. Abarca let everyone know that I was sleeping on the floor and Sis. Abel gave us a blowup air mattress. That made things better, but I slept completely fine either way.. But Sis. Abarca kept telling people that I didn't have a bed and someone volunteered to give me one! So on Saturday, a woman named Brittany and her brother brought me a NEW bed! She bought it for me! I feel so so blessed.
Oh my goodness. The CRAZIEST thing happened on Saturday night! We plan every single night for the next day, so Sister Byrd was on the schedule for Saturday night. When we stopped by, she said that she was sick and she looked really pale so we didn't plan on going inside. We just talked to her for a minute and as I was talking to her, she said, "What?" really confused and turned around to talk to her kids. She has 4 little boys and is a single mother, so I figured she was distracted. She turned back to me and I repeated what I said and then I noticed something was really wrong. She stumpled and completely passed out and fell face first into the wall. She hit her forehead really hard. Her little boys, bless their hearts, were SCREAMING their heads off. Sister Abarca went inside to help Sis. Byrd and I called 911. The fire department came and Sis. Byrd was taken to the hospital! She texted us the next day and said that she was doing fine, but we haven't found out what is wrong with her yet. Hopefully we can stop by soon and find out.

I love you so much and miss you! Mwah! <3
Love, Sister Wall

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