Conference and a new pink bike!

So many things to write about!
Did you all watch General Conference? SO GOOD! Missionaries who have been out for like 6 months can go to one session of the conference, so my companion had a ticket. But missionaries who have an investigator on date to be baptized can also go to conference with their investigator. So I got to go too! Saturday, 10 am session! We also got enough tickets for a couple of other people. Sister Abarca sat in the missionary section, but I sat with all of the people we got tickets for. We were in the front row of the balcony, very center. I sat with: a new convert, and the man who baptized him. Sister Kummer, a member, and a progressing investigator on date for October 20. And a less active member. It was really really cool to sit with all of my new friends and people who are at different stages of conversion. Sighh.

We watched the Saturday afternoon session with the Madsens and then went to the Kummer's for the 2 sessions on Sunday. We taught a lesson after each session. It was really really good. Oh! At the Kummer's, they made amaaazing oatmeal pancakes with homemade syrup. They served orange juice and milk, so I got a giant glass of milk. The pancakes were super sweet so I took a large drink of milk and it was sour and stung my throat and it was completely awful. I said out loud, "...What kind of milk is this?" They looked at the gallon on the counter and were like, "That's buttermilk! You drank that?!" It was really funny and also terrifying.
Our investigater is a GOLDEN investigator. He is so open to learning and he is really sweet. We are going on a tour of temple square with him on Wednesday! Yes! I committed him to baptism on the first lesson, he accepted. He went to the LIVE general conference and asked what the Spirit feels like. I told him and he said that is what he felt! He continued to watch conference the rest of the weekend and now we are going to temple square. He is awesome awesome awesome. Oh, also. He asked his girlfriend's mom, what he had to do to marry he rdaughter in the temple. He asked if he needs to serve a mission, which he can't because he has a little kid. But just that thought. Ahh. He's great.
So we found out that everyone in the mission needs a bike, even if they have a car. We asked a couple of people at church to look if they had extra bikes I could borrow. Elder Anderson and Elder Erikson got me TWO bikes, but they needed fixing up, they said. So I was counting on one of those bikes, when we got home from the Sat. morning conference session. We were heading to the basement and on the side of the house there was a brand new pink bicycle with a card on it! The signature just said, "SR," which is kind of anonymous! We think it is from Sister Rouge in one of the wards, but we're not sure. So so generous! The people here are very giving. We went to Chili's for lunch the other afternoon and as we asked for our check, the waiter told us that two women from another table paid for us! I can't get used to this.
Guess what? We get to go to the Jordan River for Halloween! We get to go through a session! I am so happy! We also get to attend a fireside talk with President Hinkley's son! So cool.
My companion keeps calling me "Molly Mormon," which I thought might bother me, but I kind of don't mind. I want to be as close to the iron rod as I can!
We met a sister the other day when she invited us to dinner. We are kindred spirits! Her name is Sister Sneiter! She is a drama teacher and was an English and Creative Writing teacher. She makes cards and sews on pieces of fabric. I loved her house and her decorations and her books. She is just so great!
We only receive letters and get to send letters on Mondays, our P-day. We wait all week long and get them all at once on Monday. It was pretty cool last week though, because I got 11 letters and an envelope from the president, too! It was worth the wait :)

That's amazing about Alesha Olsen! Find out which Ward she is in! I cover the Harvest Park stake. You can tell her that!
Ahhh! I love Molly! I have been thinking about Slam club a lot lately! Wahh! I don't miss TV or internet or music from home--all I miss is WORDS! I miss watching Slam, writing, reading, going to Poetry.. Ughh. Trying to push it to the back of my brain, but I just love words.

Um um um. That's all for now! I love you and you are so great!
Ps. How do you feel about President Monson's announcement about missionary ages? So cool that Shane can go when he graduates! I hope that he does!

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