Salt Lake City Rocks!

The new missionaries and their trainers had a meeting at the mission office on Wednesday. We split up into trainees and trainers. I got to be with Sister Zeiner, my MTC companion, and Sister Seo, another missionary that I met on the way from the MTC to the field. She is the Korean sister that is in some of my pictures. I love love love her! I really loved spending time with them and seeing what we could do to boost our training.  
Salt Lake Temple
Wednesday evening, we went on a TEMPLE SQUARE TOUR with our investigator! We also went with his girlfriend, and her mother! It was soooo successful! We met up with 2 sisters there who walked with us and described different things. We looked at the BOM paintings and confirmed his baptismal date for October 20 (THIS WEEKEND!!!). We also looked at the model of the SLC temple and talked about the eternal ordinances that are performed inside. He loved it. I know that he felt the Spirit during the whole time that we were there! Then we left the temple square sisters and walked around the SLC temple. Ahhh! It was beautiful. I LOVE the temple. If I don't get married in the Paris temple, I want it to be SLC for sure! ;)

Sister Abarca and I hugging the SLC temple!

We are planning on taking another tour of temple square this Saturday with our other investigator and her family. I am so excited!! They went to church on Sunday and have been praying, which is major progress. The husband is preparing himself to baptize his wife and their daughter. It's wonderful.
Thursday was an AMAZING day! There was a little yorkie dog barking at us as we were tracting the condos. I was like, "It's a Holy Ghost dog! He will tell us where to go!" My companion was like ...Ahhh.. He barked and ran past a door and around the corner, out of sight. I said, "I think he wants us to go here..." So we went and knocked on the door and met a woman, who scheduled a return appointment appointment with us!! My companion said, "I can't believe that worked!" haha! As we left her door, we saw a pregnant woman carrying garbage and asked if we could help her carry her garbage cans in. She said no thank you, but we went over and helped her anyway ;) As we walked with her, we told her who we are and she let us stay and talk to her about the church!! She wants to continue to meet with us! Ahh, I love her!
On Sunday, my companion and I gave talks in the Harvest Park 2nd ward. 2 young women spoke before us about the new announcement for missionaries and I loved it! I was nervous to speak but my talk was about how exciting the gospel is and how wonderful it feels to share what we know, and I realized, Wow! I get to share my testimony with a giant congregation--I should be EXCITED, not scared!! So I got up and was really positive and talked about the different aspects of the Doctrine of Christ and how I love to share the things that make me happy.  After we finished sacrament, so many people told me how great my talk was :) A young man came up and was like, "I am SO glad to see that someone else is excited about the gospel-- I thought I was the only one!" I said, "Never lose that!!" He told us that he is planning on serving a mission and I told him to take that excitement with him! A lot of the young women came to us and told us how they loved our talks and were excited to serve missions! They invited us to class and to YW with them! It was really wonderful.
On Friday, we went to Sister Abel's house, the RS president, for dinner. We ate and watched Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration... I LOVE THAT MOVIE. We also baked a cake for her neighbor who I think I told you about. It was his birthday on Saturday and he was turning 28 (MY FAVORITE NUMBER!) We went and attacked his porch with tons of birthday decorations. It was raining but we had Sis. Abel stand and watch for his car. I had to pee really bad the whole time and was laughing so hard because Sis. Abel kept saying, "ARE YOU GUYS DONE YET? I'M GONNA GET PNEUMONIA!" hhaha. We left the cake and ran.
I love it here. Everything is going really well. 
We went to Subway for lunch and someone paid for our food! Free Subway and a peach milkshake! Mmm!

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